Recommended Stories

Here’s a collection of some of my own favourite stories here on Fictionspawn Monsters.


First one out is the tragic story of the Reichardt-family, a dark horror trilogy which can be read in any order. The parts are called Letters, Memories and Little Jimmy.


Multidimensional monster. Aak fictionspawn

Next up is a science fiction story playing with metaphysics: Beyond Faith and Reason.  I’ve read it out loud for you, too.


Books in Times of Darkness

A story about Books in Times of Darkness. With audio, as the next two.


Where the world ends aak fictionspawn

What’s beyond the horizon of reason? Where the World Ends


Skateboard on a ramp. Aak fictionspawn

The price of fame: The Legend of Jimmy Handplant


Five string violin. Aak fictionspawn

One Day Music Came is my most famous story. since it was featured on WordPress Discover. It is suitable for all audiences.


This one is another circular trilogy. It can, like the previous one, be read in any order, and are pieces in a puzzle where all three is needed to understand the story. They are called Empty Funeral, Scavengers and Murder.


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