Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy Aak fictionspawn

This is the last part of a circular horror trilogy. The parts can be read individually, and in any order. The first part published is called Letters, the second Memories.

Jimmy was playing with a stick down by the little stream by the edge of the forest when he saw something move in the air further down between the trees. It was flapping, like a butterfly. It had a strange glow around it. It was beautiful. He dropped his stick and started following the stream down towards the strange little bug. It was difficult with all the slippery rocks, some of them moving when he stepped on them.

The little creature landed on a log. He hurried up, to see if he could catch it. Just when he was about to come close enough to see what it was, it flew away again.

It landed again, on a little rock. The rock was beautiful, and it looked like someone had placed it there. Just besides it there was a little square, where the vegetation was a bit different, as if someone had dug a hole there a long time ago.

The bug flew off. It landed on the well.

Jimmy stopped. He wasn’t supposed to go near the old well. No one ever did.

He looked up towards the house. He couldn’t see anyone there. The well could be seen from the window, but his father had gone into town, and his mother was probably out on the other side, taking care of her flowers.

He looked at the well again. The bug was gone.

He heard something. A strange sound from the well. A voice. It sounded like a little boy, just like him. Calling. But what was he doing in the well?

He walked closer. The well was taller than him, he had to climb up to be able to see. He could put his feet between the rocks like a ladder. He looked over the edge. There was something down there. Floating in the dark water. He leaned over to see better. It was a boy. Floating face down in the dark water.

A sound behind him. A moan.

He turned around.

A shadow of a man. His face dark of pain and remorse. His eyes full of regret and sorrow. Jimmy let out a little scream. He moved away from it, towards the edge of the well.

He fell.

The cold water surrounded him. He didn’t know up from down. He touched a stone wall. He grasped for air as his head reached the surface. He saw the circular wall going up towards the sky far above. He held on to the wall, tried to climb. It was too slippery.

Hands. Hands grabbed him from behind. He turned around. A face. A horrible face of panic and despair. Of deception of loved ones. Hurt. It put its arms around him. Clung onto him in a hug as cold as the water, desperate for recognition. Pulled him down.

His lungs were filled with water as he screamed.


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