Johnny hated Swedish people. They were disgusting. He wanted them all dead. Every day there were more of them in his neighborhood as well. He couldn’t stand it. Ever since a Swedish kid beat him up in kindergarten he’d hated them all.

They gave him bad dreams as well. Nightmares. Hordes of evil Swedish people doing him harm. But there was something else. Some creature in the darkness. At first it scared him.

One night, in the worst dream he ever had, the creature came out and destroyed the evil Swedes. The dark being is my friend, he thought. It will protect me from them.

After a while he started seeing it awake as well. He had come home from his favorite bar. A Swedish guy was working there now. Repulsively polite he had been. That was the worst kind. The polite ones. He was sitting there, staring at the wall. Hating. Hating the Swede in the bar. In his bar. His annoying smile, and that stupid language. Why couldn’t they just speak Norwegian like normal people? Then, in his darkest moment the shadows started moving. At first he got scared,then he recognized the creature from his dreams. It was looking at him. It’s eyes told him not to worry. We’ll get the fucking Swede. We’ll get him good.

From that day on the monster was there every night. He didn’t always see it, but he felt it’s presence. It was there, comforting him. It was them against the Swedes, and the more he hated, the stronger his protector seemed to become.

One day he read in the newspaper that a Swedish guy was found dead in his neighborhood. Good, thought Johnny. Goooood. He kept reading. The Swedish guy had left Discopub. That was his pub! It was the disgusting Swede from the bar! His body ha been found somewhere by the river. Torn to pieces while he was still alive. Tortured to death. The feeling came back. The presence. He looked up. The creature were lying in front of him, looking at him. Calmly. Satisfied. Could it be…? It’s eyes gave him the answer.

It’s what you wanted. The words came from inside Johnny’s head, made of his own thoughts.

Johnny responded, saying out loud: No… I didn’t want him to be murdered! You can’t murder people!

It’s too late. The monster didn’t look friendly anymore. It looked evil. It crawled towards him. The shadows seemed to follow it. Johnny moved backwards. What are you doing..? Let me be!

He was trapped in a corner. The creature pushed him to the floor. Licked it’s dark lips. Hunger. Evil. Johnny screamed. Help! Help me!!! The monster put his big mouth to his head. Sucked on it. His screams could no longer be heard. Slowly it swallowed him alive.

It left through the window. The nightmare had just begun.





His Grandpa’s Cabin


When they arrived at the cabin night had already fallen. The stars were shining bright, a falcate moon was slowly going down in the west. A small owl was calling in the deep darkness of the forest. The cabin was small and wooden, and even in the dark the place was beautiful.

This is amazing! exclaimed Claire. And so silent!

Come on, let’s go inside! said Thomas. It’s cold out here.

He found the key under the stairs, unlocked and opened the door. He went in, lit a candle. Claire followed. The cabin had only one room, small and cozy. There was a big fireplace in one corner, an open kitchen with closets and shelves, and a big old bearskin in front of the fireplace.

Who’s that? asked Claire, looking at an old photo on the wall. He seems sad…

Thomas looked up from the still unlit wood in the fireplace.

That’s my grandpa. He moved up here when my grandmother died. Soon after he committed suicide. They say he went crazy.

Claire was silent for a moment. I’m sorry, she said.

Don’t worry! It happened a long time ago, my mother was just a baby. She was raised by her aunt and uncle.

He looks handsome. She looked at Thomas with a teasing smile. Now I know where you’ve got it from! She gave him ha big kiss on the lips.

They were lying on a blanket over the bearskin, close to each other. The fire was warming their bodies and souls. It was perfect. Thomas loved Claire of all his heart. She was so good and gentle, and at the same time so beautiful, with a firm tight body, cute and sexy. There, in front of the fire, with her soft skin touching his, he felt incredibly lucky.

The fire was fading.

I’m going for some more wood. He gave her a kiss and got up.

Don’t be long! She lifted her short dress, letting her panties show.

Don’t worry, baby, he said. I’ll be right back. He went out of the door.

Claire fell asleep for a moment. She woke up to the gentle touch of Thomas’ hand, softer than ever.

Mmmmmh… she was loving it. A kiss in her neck, his hands moving up between her legs. The dress came off. Her panties. Kisses inside her thigh reaching her most intimate parts.  Licking her like he’d never done before. Entering her. Fucking her deeply until she came in an explosion of pleasure and emotion. Oh my god, Thomas… That was…

The door opened. Claire opened her eyes. Thomas entered, threw wood in front of the fireplace.

What..? But… You…

What’s up?

Nothing… It must have been a dream, said Clair confused, looking around the room. Her eyes stopped at the old photo on the wall. A cold shiver went down her spine. The young grandpa no longer looked sad. He was smiling a vicious smile.

I… no… it can’t be.

Thomas looked confused. It can’t be what?

Your grandpa… He raped me! He fucking raped me!

Thomas laughed. Then stopped. She looked terrified.

I thought it was you! Oh my God…!

My grandpa’s dead, Claire! Are you OK…?

No… yes… I… I don’t know. She got on her feet, pulling her dress down over her shoulders. Can we go home?

Home? Already? But…

Let’s go! Please!

If you want… But…Before he could say anything more she had gotten her bag and opened the door.

She was pulled back into the room. Aaaah!!! The door slammed shut. Thomas grabbed her arms. Pulling her. Something invisible were holding her back. Her legs got pulled up in the air.

It’s your grandpa!! He doesn’t want me to leave!!! Things started flying around the room. The fireplace flickered. Her dress got ripped off. Sparks and burning wood flew out of the fireplace. Lit the curtains. The furniture. Claire was screaming.

Let her go! shouted Thomas. Let her go, you old bastard! She’s my girlfriend! The whole room was on fire. The heat was unbearable.

The grip let go. They fell on the floor. Thomas got up, helped her on her feet. The roof was coming down. They got out of the door. A strange scream of pain and sadness was heard from the burning cabin. They ran to the car and drove off.




Tears of Blood


Gundersen was watching his paper factory. It was all going very well these days. They had a lot of profit. He was getting rich. Very rich.

The workers kept complaining, though. Assholes. He had built a great factory they could work in, and all they ever did was whimper. Our children are hungry, they said. We can’t afford medicines. And with the accidents lately everything were getting more complicated.

A little girl died in the paper compressor just a few days ago. He was there. The image was burned into his mind. Half her body crushed. Her face. Swollen, with one of her eyes sticking out in a strange way, blood running down her cheeks like tears. He shivered. He didn’t want to think about it. Not that he really cared, workers could always be replaced. He just didn’t want to see it.

The workers lived on the other side of the factory building. The lower administrators was on the same side as him and the rest of the leadership, but on the other side of a big fence. They couldn’t have these people running around in the important people’s neighbourhood. They belonged with the workers, but still, it was better to keep them separated to keep things in order. He didn’t trust any of them.

Lately a shadow had been seen at night. Sneaking around between the houses. Some said it was a ghost, awaken by the immense misery in the workers quarters. Evil spawned out of suffering. Gundersen didn’t know. It didn’t really matter, either, as long as it stayed on the other side of the valley.

As he stood there on his small balcony watching the factory area he saw someone or something come out from between the factory buildings, running over the bridge crossing the river. It looked human but was limping in a strange way, like it was dragging something. Moving from side to side, wiggling, stopping, moving forward again. Creepy. It was coming towards his side of the valley, and disappeared in the darkness.

He went down to tell his butler to inform the guards. The butler was not there. Martin! He said. No answer. Martin, where are you? Strange, he thought. Where could he be? He picked up the phone. It was dead. Lazy phone operators.

He went over to the front door, opened it. Darkness. Dead silence. Something moved in the shadows. Who’s there? He said. No answer. He closed the door. He didn’t like this. He didn’t like it at all.

He went back upstairs, and looked out of the balcony window. The main factory gate was open.

He heard steps in the stairs behind him. Slowly. Each step was followed by a dragging sound. Moving up towards his floor. He turned around. Hello? he said. Who’s there? No answer. Answer me! He tried to sound dominant and tough, but could hear his voice weak and scared. The footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs. He stared. There was no one there.

Silence. Fear. A figure appeared in the darkness. Stood still for a moment. Charged at him with one leg hanging behind like a fell. Screaming a scream of hate and horror. The voice of a little girl. Tonight you die!!! A twisted face. One eye sticking out of it’s socket. Tears of blood running down her cheeks. She was changed. A glow of sinister revenge had replaced the coldness of her dead eyes.

She lifted him up and pushed him backwards. She was strong. The glass door broke. They fell off the balcony. His head hit the ground. He gained consciousness being dragged through the factory gate. Help! He screamed. Somebody help me!!! The girl was laughing. Giggling. Amused of his terror.

In the noise from the paper compressor no one could hear his screams.






Return from Proxima B

Return from Proxima B.jpg

The probe was coming back today! They had been waiting for this day for seventy years. The first ever piece of land from another solar system.

The planet was Proxima B, and it was the closest exoplanet to our solar system. The probe had landed, picked up substance from the ground and taken off to return to earth with samples.

It landed in the pacific ocean as planned, and George and Mattheus were on a ship to pick it up. They found it quickly, everything was planned to the most minor detail. They got the probe onto the ship, and got it underneath to the hermetic laboratory where it was going to be opened.

George and Mattheus went into the lab. The sample of sand and rocks was there, inside a glass container with gloves, also hermetic. The mission had been a success! They were jumping up and down in cheerful, childish joy. This was amazing. They wanted to start the analysis straight away, and got onto separating the different kinds of stone and sand when they saw a pile of greenish mud. Organic material? George couldn’t believe his own eyes, and Mattheus had to support himself on the shelf. This was… Unbelievable! The scans of the planet was all the same, no organic material found.

Could it have come from earth, carried all the way? Or were there really organic material on Proxima B? It didn’t look like anything they had ever seen. The color was shiny, almost metallic, but with a soft, humid texture.

George put his hands into the gloves attached to the hole in the glass walls and poked it. Something moved inside. He was staring. His head was spinning. Extraterrestrial life? Was he the first human ever to see extraterrestrial life?

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod was all he was capable of saying. The blob moved a bit more. A small head came out. Four eyes. Green. It looked like some kind of snail, but with strange, three fingered arms sticking out in front. None of them spoke. They were too amazed.

We’re going to be the two most famous scientists in the world! The creature would have their names. Maybe even extraterrestrial life as a whole would be named after them. This could be greatest moment in the history of mankind.

A strange sound came from the creature. It got louder, the tone higher and higher. The two men had to cover their ears. The glass walls cracked. Glass fell to the ground. George and Mattheus looked at each other then back on the alien. This was not good.

The creature got bigger, like if it was getting filled with air. It exploded. A green liquid covered the scientists. Horrible smell filled the room.

What the f… started George in disgust. He stopped. Looked at his arms. Horror. Pain. His arms were rotting. His chest. Everything. He looked at Mattheus. He had no face. They both died screaming.

From that day on rotting alive from extraterrestrial liquid would be called the georgemattheus-effect.





Lake Fear


Ronny loved fishing. It was in fact his favorite thing to do. Every weekend he took the car and went somewhere to get some fish. He loved all about it. The waiting. The suspense of getting the fish on the hook, getting it out of the water. The fight, when the fish was jumping around on land, trying to get back into the water. The kill. He loved the kill.

This weekend he had gone further away from home than ever, he had been driving for hours and hours. He found a great spot on the side of a small, deep lake in a mountain valley. He put up his tent and went to sleep, exhausted.

He got up early. The place was beautiful. High mountains on every side, waterfalls running down the mountainsides. The water was crystal clear and he could see how the bottom went almost straight down into deep darkness.

When he had eaten some breakfast, he found a worm in the dirt. It curled and undulated as he pinned it on the hook. He threw it in. Ah, this was the life! Silence. Just him, nature and the fish waiting to be caught. After a while the float started moving. A fish! He pulled in. It was a perch. He got it on land, and as it was bouncing between the rocks he got his knife. After a short fight the fish were lying on the ground, the head parted from the body.

Great! Lunch is fixed, but it’s a bit small, thought Ronny. Maybe he could catch another one? It would be nice to make sure he had dinner as well. He threw the string out again, and waited. It didn’t take long before he got something again. He pulled in, and got a big trout on land. He fought it for a while, and soon the fish lay dead on the ground.

Now he had lunch and dinner! But it was still early, and this seemed to be a good moment. He threw in the string again, and waited. Soon another fish was on the hook. He pulled it up again, but this one was too small, and he didn’t even know what it was. I’ll throw it back in, he thought. He grabbed the fish with his right hand, and was about to get it off the hook, when he noticed a big, sharp metal hook sticking out of the fish by the tail and a strange string attached to it. That’s odd, he thought.

The string straightened. The hook speared into his hand. He screamed. He tried to get it out, but it was stuck. The string straightened even more, pulling him towards the water. Help! He shouted. Somebody help me! But there was no one around. The string hauled him into the lake, pulled him under water.

In the depths of the lake his ears hurt from the pressure. He had swallowed a lot of water. A huge creature floated before him. A reptile, many meters long. He could see its big malicious eyes even under water. Fangs. He tried to swim away, tried to escape,. His lungs filled with water as he tried to scream in panic. Fast as a fish, huge claws grabbed him. Pushed him onto the rocks. A sharp metal edge cut into his neck as he died.






Temple of Death

Temple of death.jpg

Rabe, Sink and Torkey stood in front of the huge metal door. The door was marked with symbols of an ancient civilization. Some symbolized death, the sculls and bones made that part easy to see. An other seemed to prohibit entrance. The third one was more diffuse, they had no idea what it meant. It was black and yellow, circle shaped with three triangles pointing into another smaller circle in the centre.

Probably some kind of old religious symbol, said Rabe, archaeologist and leader of the expedition. Most likely a warning of some curse or something. Everyone knew curses didn’t work, there was no reason to worry.

The door was securely locked, but Sink was an expert in explosives. The door went down. A dark tunnel lay open in front of them. They could smell a strange stench from inside.
What if… started Sink.
What if what? Torkey looked at her with laughter in his eyes.
What if the signs are not warnings about a curse? What if the tunnel is toxic or something?
Naah! Said Torkey. This tunnel obviously has been closed for thousand of years. If there is something here, it’s gems and noble metals. Don’t worry! They just want to scare us off.

They went deeper into the tunnel, and the smell got stronger. It smelled of humidity and something else. It was like an industrial, chemical kind of smell, yet different, unknown, with a touch of rotten meat. Sink stopped. I don’t like this smell, she said. It doesn’t smell healthy. She was holding her napkin in front of her mouth. She didn’t want to get sick.
Ha! Mocked Torkey. You go back if you want, and let the men do the job.

She did. This didn’t seem like a good idea.

Rabe and Torkey kept moving down. They were several hundred meters under the ground now. The smell was unbearable, but they didn’t want to stop. There had to be something really valuable down here with all these warnings. They came to a great hall with a circle shaped hole in the centre of the floor. A waist high fence by the edge. They went over and looked into the hole. It seemed to have some strange glow deep, deep down under them.

Hmm, said Rabe. He was a professional adventurer, and knew everything about climbing. This was complicated, and impossible with the equipment they had brought. Bummer.

We won’t get any further until we bring advanced equipment. And we are deep into the northern jungles. This is as far as this mission gets.

They stared into the hole. That strange glow… What was it? It was greenish like emeralds. Maybe there was a huge pile of them down there. If they just could get them up. Torkey threw a stone into the hole to get an idea of how deep it was. It fell until it was out of sight.

A sound. Like a scream. Or hundreds of screams. Rabe looked at Torkey. What the hell? Is there something down there? They looked over the edge. A the glow seemed to be getting stronger. Something is coming up! Torkey took out his camera. This had to be documented! Rabe backed away from the hole. I don’t like this, man… Let’s get out of here!

Wait! Said Torkey I have to see what it is! He stared down on the light. It seemed to be creatures. Hundreds of glowing creatures. Thousands even. He was taking photos. The creatures came closer. I better get out of here, he thought. He packed away his camera and took a last look. He could see them now, moving faster than anything he had ever seen.

Some looked like hairless winged rats. Others resembled snakes with claws. Yet others had no form at all, just lumps of meat crawling up the walls. Huge fangs. Evil eyes. He didn’t run. He knew it was too late.

Rabe stood at the entrance of the hall. Let’s go, he said. This is… He stopped speaking. He saw hundreds of flying creatures coming up from the hole. The first ones attacked Torkey. Tore him to pieces. Devoured him in seconds. Rabe turned to run. He got two steps before the monsters were over him. Digging into his back. Eating his arms and legs.

Sink was worried. They were taking too long. She heard sounds from the opening. She looked into the tunnel, hopeful. She saw a light. The torches! They were coming back! The light got stronger. Greener. This was not their torches. The light started to scream. Horrible screams. Evil screams of pain. She stared at the creatures coming up the tunnel. Glowing, fire spitting cockroaches. Reptiles of death. Flesh eating meat. She backed away from the opening. The creatures came out from the hole. Pouring out. Up in the sky. Into the jungle. They were swarming. Everywhere. Even before the first bite she knew she would die.

The creatures kept pouring out. There seemed to be no end to them. Mutants spawned in a radioactive hell for thousands of years waiting to be set free. They devoured everything and everyone in their way. The world ended in horror and pain.



The Witch Doctor