A dog and two cats. Aak fictionspawn

Schrödinger’s Dog (Audio story)

Fido’s owner takes him on a trip to the forest. He ties him to a tree and leaves him to die. A cat shows up. The cat splits into two. Then it disappears and appears another place. 

You can listen to the story below, or you can read the original version here. The audio version can be found on my steemit-account.

Juggling balls and the moon. Aak fictionspawn

The Moon Ball (Audio story)

The Moon Ball is a story about a young juggler, Jermone, who’s not doing well in his profession at all. The balls keep falling down, and the king’s soldiers chase him away. One day he finds an extraordinary ball in the bushes. It becomes his career’s great turning point. 

You can listen to the story in the video underneath, read the new edited story on steemit.com@fictionspawn or read the original story in two parts: The Moon Ball and The King’s Desire. There’s also a third part, called Execution, which is not included in the audio story. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for stopping by.