Russel's paradox. Aak fictionspawn

Unrestricted Comprehension (Audio story)

He wrote stories about anyone who didn’t write about themselves. To achieve time, he swore an oath to higher powers. If given time, he would write the story of everyone who didn’t write about themselves and no one else. He is given time.

This is an audio version of my story Unrestricted Comprehension. You can listen to the story below, and read the new version on

Sketch of an owl. Aak fictionspawn

Inspiration, Research and Ideas

On Thursday, I was stuck. I had started several stories, and they weren’t going anywhere.

After pulling my hair in frustration for quite some time I went for a walk. Where I live there’s an old, spectacular Arab castle just up the hill, with a forest-like park in the hillside underneath. As I was walking up in the light from the streetlamps I heard two little owls calling each other. I stopped. Stood there, between trees and ancient ruins. There it was. Inspiration.

I walked home down the narrow roads…

A man writing a letter. Aak fictionspawn

Some Sketches and Thoughts on the Story Process

My stories usually starts out with a plot idea. Sometimes just in my head, watching a movie, talking to friends or just walking down the road, but maybe more often sitting down writing anything that comes to my head until something interesting arrives. Other stories take shape writing about a character until something happens.

Sometimes I make a sketch first, but I’m usually more satisfied with the stories based on a written idea, or an idea process of…