Nuclear waste deposit. Aak fictionspawn.

Temple of Doom (Audio story)

This story was originally published on Fictionspawn Monsters as Temple of Death. You can read the new version on, or listen to the video below.

Far into the future three archaeologists find a mysterious temple in the jungle. There are warning signs on the door, but they do not believe in curses and such. 

Silouette of a man Aak fictionspawn

Definitely Alive (Audio story)

Frank’s dream is to bring the dead back to life. He experiments with insects, and moves on to lizards and mice. Humans are his goal. He learns he’s playing a dangerous game.

You can listen to the video below, or check out my post on steemit where the video version is published in written form.

This story was originally published in two parts here on Fictionspawn Monsters, and was later re-edited into one. You can read it here: Revive