UFO roadkill


Mikkel and Mona had gone camping in the periurban park outside of their town. They sat down on a hill watching the stars. I’m a bit cold, said Mona. I’ll go down to the tent to get my jacket. She left.

Mikkel was sitting there, watching the sky when he suddenly saw a light.
An UFO! He laughed at himself. He didn’t really believe in that kind of stuff. But the light got bigger. And bigger. He got to his feet. It was moving straight towards h… Plan! It hit Mikkel hard. He fell over. His leg was broken. He had hurt his back, too. Pain.

The UFO stopped. It hovered in the air. Two creatures came out. They were big, almost double his size. Tentacles. Inside the crystal bubbles on their heads he could see huge fangs. On their hands they had huge claws. They came towards him. Slowly. Threatening.

Mikkel was scared stiff. They looked terrifying. They made horrible sounds. He could feel the presence of evil.

The two creatures were Wikir and Drangal from a galaxy called X290. They were adventurers, and had found earth in an old book about the the milky way, Not many Ragarboans had ever been here, and centuries had gone by since the last time. This was way off the beaten track. They where thrilled.

They had been on a round trip already. Seen the pyramids, built under leadership of an ancient king from their home planet. Seen the Chinese wall, deserts, jungle and now they just arrived in Norway to see the fjords. That’s when they had hit this creature.

Oh my slobrad! Said Wikir in despair. It’s hurt! What do we do?

I don’t know! Oh, how terrible. That poor thing! We can’t just leave it here?

It’s unable to walk. Oh, Drangal… I think we are going to have to put it out of it’s misery.

You mean… Kill It? Oh no, Wikir! No… It’s so cute!

I know.. But out here alone with it’s leg broken… it won’t survive for long.

I guess you’re right. Oh my… sniff… do it quick. I can’t watch.

Mikkel was lying on the ground watching the two monsters. They were frowning and growling. He was terrified. One of them turned away. The other picked up a big rock. Oh my god. They’re going to kill me. No, please, please don’t hurt me, he pledged, but he knew evil did not care about pleading. The monster punched the rock to his head. The first hit hurt. A lot. The other monster hissed viciously (No, Wikir, it’s still alive! It’s suffering! You have to kill it fast!) The next punch he hardly felt. When the rock hit his head the third time he was already dead.

I’m so sorry, Dramgal, said Wikir.

I don’t want to talk about it, said Dramgal sadly. Let’s go see the fjords.

Mona came out of the forest. She saw Mikkel lying in a pool of blood. His head were crushed with a rock. No.. Mikkel… No… No… No… What the hell has happened!? She sat down, knelt over him. Bottomless sadness could be heard in her sobbing far, far away.




Mantis Religiosa


Aaaaaahhh!!! The screams were terrifying. They came from the main square. Johnson and Cohen ran towards the sound calling for reinforcement. People were running the opposite way.
A monster!!! A man screamed when he saw the two police officers. There’s a monster killing people! They saw the monster. It was a giant Mantis. Eight feet tall. It’s clawy front legs were holding a man fast. The man was screaming in terror and pain. The huge insect was devouring him alive.

The two police-officers started shooting. They shot the mantis in the body and the head. The monster turned her head in a creepy way. Watching them. Judging them. The bullets went through her shell, but didn’t seem to have much effect. She jumped towards them. One of her back legs threw Cohen off his feet. The front legs caught Johnson. Lifted him up. Trapped him. Her beak speared into his head, dug for a moment. Ripped it off with the spine attached.

As she threw the body away Cohen knew he was next. He was on the ground. His gun was lying some feet away. The mantis was watching him. He could not move. He could hardly breath. The two arms shot out towards him at the speed of a bullet, pulled him up. Bit him again and again, ripping off big pieces of flesh. He died in horrific pain.

Reinforcement arrived. They had bigger guns. Assault rifles. They started shooting. Bullets piercing her body. She jumped the fence to the park and disappeared between the trees.

Mike was sitting on his porch playing guitar. He was getting quite good at it, he thought. He even created his own songs. Soon he would be famous. Soon. Suddenly he heard a strange sound in the garden.

He stopped playing for a moment. Listening. Hm. Probably just a cat. Then the big tree in the garden moved for a moment. He stopped again. That had to be a big cat. A giant insect jumped up on his balcony. A mantis. His chair fell over. He was lying on his back. The two arms shot out towards him. His guitar splintered. He got on his feet and ran into the house.

He ran in panic into his fathers electronics workshop and closed the door. The big living-room window broke. He heard the Mantis enter the house. He was terrified. He was standing in the corner with his back to the wall. The workshop had no other exit. A claw went through the door. Then another. The door was ripped off. A huge mantis head came in through the opening. Mike was scared stiff. The head made a 180 degree turn. Scanning the room. Searching for it’s pray. It stopped. Five eyes were staring at Mike.

The mantis entered. Lifted her front legs slowly. She knew her pray could not escape.

Mike felt something behind his leg. He grabbed it to defend himself. It was a fire-extinguisher. He held it up trying to hide behind it. The knife sharp legs shot out. The claws cut into the container and pulled it to the mantis in a lightning-fast movement. Ice cold CO2 poured out onto her face and body. She froze white. Mike took a chair and threw it at her. The frozen body broke into pieces and fell to the floor.




Lords of the Dead


A new object were seen in the skies at night. It was oval-shaped. From earth it seemed to be of the size of the moon, but it was in reality closer and smaller. It had a reddish glow.

Michael was of the first to see it. He and his girlfriend was camping. He was standing outside the tent pissing. Nothing like a leap after a good shag, he thought, when something suddenly appeared in the skies. Jessica! Jess,  get out here!

Jessica lazily moved over to the tent entrance.. What is it, baby? Michael used to get exited of anything, so she didn’t really expect much. Then she saw it. A great, red glowing thing in the skies. Michael came closer, watching the object. What is it? she said, astounded. I have no idea, said Michael. Do you think it might be… Aliens?

Ali was watching series on TV. A newsflash came up. A strange object in the skies. An unidentified orbiting object. He didn’t really believe it. Probably a scam, he thought. Or some new surveillance satellite from the Americans, as if they didn’t have enough with Google. It was crossing the Atlantic, they said. Moving towards Morocco. He went out to have a look.

He saw the object over the horizon in the sea. It looked like a deformed moon. The red glow made  trail in the ocean. It was beautiful. He took out his cellphone and called his friend Nabil.
Have you seen the thing in the sky? Nabil hadn’t, but he had heard the news. He said he’d come over to have a look, from his place he couldn’t see anything.

Nabil came, and they sat watching the thing. It was coming closer. Nabil had brought some chips and soda The TV was on. Another newsflash. In America there were a hole lot of attacks reported. Murders. The murderers seemed to have some kind of decease. Their flesh were rotting, and they seemed to be in trance or something. More reports. Several of the attackers had been identified as people who were already dead.

As Jessica and Michael stood there naked watching the strange object disappear in the horizon  a sound came from the bushes. What was that? said Michael and went closer to have a look. A squirrel came leaping out and bit him. Ouch! he yelled, and kicked it. The squirrel’s head came off and flew into a tree.
Michael..? said Jessica. There were sounds everywhere. A moose came running towards them over the field. It was limping, one of it’s legs was missing.

Get into the car! screamed Michael. They ran to the car. The moose was half eaten on one side. What the fuck is going on?!? The moose attacked the car. Michael got the car running and they got out of there as fast as they could.

They drove away fast. There was a small village nearby, they wanted to go get some help. Driving into the village there were people in the street, blocking the way. They stopped, rolled down the window.

We just been attacked by… Started MIchael scared and exited. The man bit his arm. Aaaah!  Michael panicked. He stepped on the accelerator and hit the crowd. People and body-parts where thrown around. Jessica were screaming in the passenger seat. They hit a light pole and the car stopped. One of the doors was broken and open. As their heads cleared they were surrounded by walking dead people pulling Michael out of the car. Jessica grabbed him, tried to help, but they were too many. They were biting him in the head, the neck, the throat. When he stopped screaming Jessica knew there was no escape.

A war broke out on earth. A war between the living and the dead. The dead was winning, as they kept becoming more and more. Ali died the night they had seen the strange object for the first time. Nabil was still alive, but the dead were everywhere. He knew he would not last for long.

When all hope was lost, a voice came from the oval object in the skies:
We are the Graitharians! We come from a galaxy far away. Surrender, and we will let you be our slaves. If you don’t, your dead will devour you all!
Mankind surrendered, there was no other way. The dead stopped walking. The Graitharians had taken over the world. The terror was over, but a dark future awaited.


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Stupid Mutant


It was about half past six o’clock and James came out of the movie theater disappointed. Shit movie. It was a film from the old days, a story about the war in 2020. The war that ended all wars but killed 80 percent of the world population in the process. It was a long time ago now, but everyone knew the story. For many it was the only story they knew.

The world was better now. Everyone were relatively good off, but at times mutants appeared. Some of them ate people. Radioactivity, they said. A part of humanity had changed.

James came home and went into the kitchen, printed out his food and sat down to eat. He were looking out of the window. Outside a couple of dogs were playing. The alarm went off. Mutants. Again. He finished eating a bit faster than planned and went down to the shelter in the basement. The attacks used to be over quickly. Rarely anyone got killed. The mutants could be extremely aggressive, but not very smart, and usually handicapped.

He sat in the basement until it was over, and went back up. He went into the living room, over to the hologram player. He was going to watch the news, find out what had happened. He heard a noise behind him and turned around. A mutant! What the hell… The mutant was lacking legs and lying on the floor hissing in a pool of infectious liquid running from it’s corporal orifices. Ugly as fuck. At first James got a little scared, but he quickly realized this angry meat blob would not be able to harm him. It was moving far too slowly as it dragged itself toward him on the floor.

Hehe, James thought. My own mutant! This could be fun! He knew it was strictly forbidden not to report the mutants in inhabited areas, but he didn’t care. He went out and found a rope, made a noose. He put the noose around the mutant with caution. The mutant hissed and struck at him, but he kept distance. Haha, stupid mutant, he said mockingly. What would he do with it? No one could discover that it was there, so he pulled it down the stairs. For each step came gurgling noise from his nose and mouth, which seemed to be the same opening. James laughed. Stupid mutant. The mutant got angrier and angrier. Well down the stairs he tied the rope to a table. He sat down and watched the monster. What now? Now that he had a private mutant, what would he do with it? The mutant sputtered as the ugly beast it was. Haha, it would have liked to kill me for sure, thought James, amused.

The doorbell rang. Who could it be? James spat in the mutant’s face and began to walk up the stairs. He forgot the slime. He slipped. Fell down the stairs. Everything went black.

James regained consciousness. He had injured his back. Couldn’t move. He heard a panting sputtering sound a bit beyond. The mutant fought across the floor. Dragged itself with it’s misshapen hands. It came closer. The rope tightened. The mutant got held back. James tried to get up, but he could only raise one arm. The mutant fought on, huffing and puffing, but he could not get any further. The bell rang again. James shouted. Help! Help me!! Heeeeeelp!!! Panic. The table overturned. The Mutant got James James’ legs. It trailed over him. It smelled horrible. James felt the slime through his clothes. Slowly the mutant was moving up towards his face. Finally it lay completely over him. James stopped shouting. He was scared stiff. The mutant bit his throat. Blood splattered. James died in terror and pain.

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