Sand Swimmer

A hard days work had been done, and the search had already begun. Rachel was looking into the bound fire. The sound felt good, relaxing. Tomorrow they would continue their search for the lost city of the Kalahari, which according to Barry’s wasn’t in the Kalahari desert at all, but here in the south of the Namib.

They were talking about things far away, things back home, and Ng’guya, the guide, was telling them about the area.

Johnny suddenly cut him off.


Something moved in the sand dune in front of them. Rachel looked up.

-What was that?

Ng’guya looked worried, but said nothing. It was gone.

The next day they were looking at the sonar, searching below the sand for anything man made.

Something moved down there, deep under the sand.

-What the… It looks like something is swimming..? Barry started checking the computer.

Ng’guya looked over their shoulder. He looked at the dunes, at the ground.

-Aigamuxa, he said. -We shouldn’t be here… (more)

The Wasp

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Your heart will turn cold, your words venomous, your thoughts putrid, Your emotions, a haunted, confusing,…


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Sometimes she is afraid, very afraid. Of the shadows that fall across the room after the…