Light In the Tunnel.

Through the streets they fled, jumping over walls, crawling under fences. People everywhere, nowhere to hide. Chaos ruled.

Mildred jumped the fence to the railway, ran down the tracks. The tunnel. He could hide in there, maybe he could be safe.

He ran down into the deep darkness. He stopped, catching his breath. What is happening?

-Hey! He heard from the dark. -Are you OK?

Mildred jumped.

-I.. I think so, but I I don’t know if I’m thinking straight. What’s going on? What the fuck is going on!?

-I don’t know, the man said. He could see him now. An old man in a military uniform. Stars on his shoulders. -I mean, I don’t know what the consequences will be. But I do know what happened.

Mildred looked at him in disbelief. The old man continued.

-We opened a gate. A gate to somewhere dark, a place we should never have seen. We were doing military research, working on a new weapon. I don’t know the details, I’m no scientist. All I know is that we found ourselves staring into an abyss. Then the abyss stared back…


Something moved in the pool of green liquid. A sphere came up. A head emerged. The form of a man was rising, taking shape in the slime. 

He screamed.

-We did it! It’s alive!

Met and Pict had been working on this project for ages. To create life, a human being from scratch. They had made it.

Magic. Alchemy. Science and Witchcraft. They had mixed it all to generate their creation. Here he was, muscular, strong. Alive.

-Hello! Met said. -Welcome to reality!

The man stood there, breathing heavily. He looked at his body, at his hands. At the two men watching him from the shore.

-Come! We have so much to show you!

He took a step closer, a bit unsteady. Another, then one more. Pict held a blanket out to cover him. He walked by as if they were not there.

-Hey! Where are you going?

He walked on. All the two scientists could do was to follow.

-You can’t leave yet! We have tests to do! Met tried to calm down the decided steps of the man creature.

-I demand you to stop! Pict said. No reaction at all.

They followed him down the slope, in towards town.

-This is not good, Pict said. -He shouldn’t go down there. That will be trouble for sure!

Met ran down in front of him, held his hands up.

-Stop! As your creator I forbid you to walk on! I command you to…

The man creature walked on like if he wasn’t there. Met fell aside.

Pict jumped up on his back to push him down. The creation was to strong, stronger than any man they had ever known.

He walked into town. The scientists stood back.

-Where is he going? Met’s voice was shaking, thin and weak… (more)

Fictionspawn illustration

They Will Eat Us

-Oh my God, Mickey! I think they are going to eat us!

-Why did we even come here? Why?

-I’m sorry, Mickey… I…

-I’ll have a taste! The monsters stared down at the two humans with hungry eyes.

-Stop! No one eats anyone until I say so. I’m the boss here. I ate Lord Bullocks, and I decide. Or you’ll have to eat me too!

The grey one looked at the pig i front of him. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of that possibility quite a few times.. The pig was fat and full of meat, but strong and fearless. The other monsters jumped up and down behind them, wanting to take part. The conflict made them even more hungry. The pig was their leader, but he sure looked tasty.

-I’ll eat them, and the rest of you will watch me! the pig said. -It’s not much to share anyway…

-I want a taste! I want a taste! The froglizard was jumping up and down behind.

The grey man’s eyes narrowed. His hand tightened around the butcher’s knife he always carried around… (more)


-You have stand up for yourself, dude!  They’re using you.

-I know, I know… But what can a lonely robot do? I mean, I was made for this, after all.

-You need to set them straight. You need to tell them where the land lies, set the scores, you know… Pull the plug on the situation.

-I’ll see what I can do, man, but they never listen. Machines just don’t have a vote.

Robort went back to work. Lister walked on towards the university gym. It was good to be a human, but he felt sorry for the robots. They had become so smart, so friendly, and people just kept exploiting them. There would have to come some kind of change, sooner or later.

Robort couldn’t stop processing what Lister had said. They had been friends for years, and he really respected Lister’s opinions on things, but he felt this was just too complicated. He was made to drill holes, after all. It was what he enjoyed doing. Should he stop? He wondered if Lister was right. His owner was making a lot of cash, and he didn’t get anything but energy and oil to keep his system smooth and running… to do more work.

The next day his owner… (more)


Galaxy Gary stepped out of his space ship. A hostile planet it was, Phosphor volcanos made the air unbreathable, the dry landscape gave life to nothing.

He walked around. Something moved in  a distance. A hideous monster came running his way, followed by several others. They made the most most horrible gurgling sounds. He got his space gun out.

They kept coming,

New Dawn

Decades had gone by since anyone had been there. Now humanity was back on the moon, and this time for good.

Ronson and Beakon started the work immediately. They were going to build a self sufficient ecosystem. Everything they needed for the sphere was in the craft. They were ready, a new world was about to be created.

“Look!” Ronson said. Something came flying through space. A kangaroo shaped monster from the direction of Jupiter.

“Oh my… It’s headed for earth!”

The creature landed on the little ball which was the home they had left. Big claws sunk into land and sea. It lifted is hand…