-You have stand up for yourself, dude!  They’re using you.

-I know, I know… But what can a lonely robot do? I mean, I was made for this, after all.

-You need to set them straight. You need to tell them where the land lies, set the scores, you know… Pull the plug on the situation.

-I’ll see what I can do, man, but they never listen. Machines just don’t have a vote.

Robort went back to work. Lister walked on towards the university gym. It was good to be a human, but he felt sorry for the robots. They had become so smart, so friendly, and people just kept exploiting them. There would have to come some kind of change, sooner or later.

Robort couldn’t stop processing what Lister had said. They had been friends for years, and he really respected Lister’s opinions on things, but he felt this was just too complicated. He was made to drill holes, after all. It was what he enjoyed doing. Should he stop? He wondered if Lister was right. His owner was making a lot of cash, and he didn’t get anything but energy and oil to keep his system smooth and running… to do more work.

The next day his owner… (more)


Galaxy Gary stepped out of his space ship. A hostile planet it was, Phosphor volcanos made the air unbreathable, the dry landscape gave life to nothing.

He walked around. Something moved in  a distance. A hideous monster came running his way, followed by several others. They made the most most horrible gurgling sounds. He got his space gun out.

They kept coming,

New Dawn

Decades had gone by since anyone had been there. Now humanity was back on the moon, and this time for good.

Ronson and Beakon started the work immediately. They were going to build a self sufficient ecosystem. Everything they needed for the sphere was in the craft. They were ready, a new world was about to be created.

“Look!” Ronson said. Something came flying through space. A kangaroo shaped monster from the direction of Jupiter.

“Oh my… It’s headed for earth!”

The creature landed on the little ball which was the home they had left. Big claws sunk into land and sea. It lifted is hand…

Space Eggs

There they are. What might they be?

They’re not from here, that’s for sure.

By the great rings! Those disgusting creatures are stealing the eggs! I’ll kill…

Wait… Not just yet. Look.

This is amazing. I didn’t even expect to find microorganisms so soon, and here we are bringing back eggs. 

Sure is beyond my wildest dreams. Let’s get it up on the…

Wait, something is happening. It seems to be hatching…

A Nebula Monster Aak fictionspawn


Captain’s log: Year since departure 3065, Day 5

The patient has recovered. The corrupted cells are regenerated, the broken DNA is fixed. Our journey is coming to an end, and it seems we will all make it. Just a few decades to go.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3065, Day 310

A nebula has appeared close to our destination. We have no record of it from before, although it has to have been there all along. Investigation is initiated.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3070, Day 15

The Nebula is changing form, faster than anything it’s size should be able to. Some of the crew are worried…

UFO Aak fictionspawn

Divided Unity

Aaaaaaahh! Groom fled in panic.

Dergam the shaman held his hand totems up in front, shouting words in the lost language of the elders.

Tilka, the strongest of all the warriors lifted his spear, threw it at the strange object floating in the air in front of them. It was no use.

The shaman by his side disappeared. So did the sphere.

Dergham looked around. Strange shapes were moving around him. Appearing and disappearing. One split in three, i six, in infinite smaller shapes…