New Dawn

Decades had gone by since anyone had been there. Now humanity was back on the moon, and this time for good.

Ronson and Beakon started the work immediately. They were going to build a self sufficient ecosystem. Everything they needed for the sphere was in the craft. They were ready, a new world was about to be created.

“Look!” Ronson said. Something came flying through space. A kangaroo shaped monster of irrational proportions. A cosmic jump from the darkness. “What is that?”

“Oh my… It’s headed for Earth!”

The creature landed on the little ball which was the home they had left. Big foot claws sunk into land and sea. It lifted is hand.

The two astronauts watched in terror as the monster struck over and over again at their beloved home planet, ripping huge pieces of its surface.

The monster jumped off and disappeared into space.

“No one could survive that…” Ronson stared at the pieces of rock floating around what was left of Earth.

“They’re all gone! We’re the only humans left!” Beakon screamed tears running down her chins.

“I guess so…” Ronson said thoughtfully and looked at his college. He knew the genetics of future generations would degenerate, but even in the space suit she was hot as a frying pan.


  1. I hope he isn’t soon to hear the immortal words “not even if you were the last man alive”… ‘cos now that he is, that would be really upsetting 🙂


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