Hunt for the Lost Cryptocubes

Uncountable years ago, Earth was invaded by the alien species Groong’hat. They came hard, without warning. In just a few days everything was destroyed. Books were burnt. Computers broken. Mankind slaughtered.

Only a few survived, and went into hiding. Our knowledge and culture was utterly destroyed, the world was in ruins. Brave men and women saved nodes of the CLOSE Protocol blockchain, the greatest storage of art, science and information ever created.

The nodes were encrypted in powerful Cryptocubes, and hidden from the monsters in places indicated on hand drawn maps. Now one of the maps has fallen into your hands, but rumours say the aliens have got the scent of where the Cryptocubes are…

Invasion of the Worm Men

(More illustrations in the post)

I’ve created an NFT card collecting adventure game.

“You, The Gate Keeper, look up at the sky. It is red tonight, red like blood. You haven’t seen this colour in the skies for decades. It can’t be good.

It is getting darker, and you light your lantern. You are the one who guards the gate, who makes sure people get through safely. Your profession has deep roots, back to the days when you would have guarded the gate against enemies. Monsters and people with bad intentions. Those days are gone. Now you live happily in peace, and you have for generations. You are at peace with all your neighbours, there are no monsters and crime is almost unheard of. These are golden ages, and you don’t want it to change.

You don’t like the colour in the sky.

A lady comes by with her little son.

“Goo’evening!” You nod politely.

“Good evening, sir.” She turns around, looks up towards the horizon. “Doesn’t it have a strange glow today, sir?” She looks worried. (more)