A man is riding through a nightmare Aak fictionspawn


Fear was twisting his soul, tearing his mind. The fear of death, though it was not his.

Lying in his bed watching the ceiling he waited for the inevitable. Madness. Chaos would finally become what it had always urged to be… (more)

Highway Cat Aak fictionspawn

On the Road

Something moved in a distance.

-What is that?

-Looks like some kind of cat… But it’s huge!

-Oh my God! It’s coming this way!

The cat came running down the highway. crushing and throwing cars and trailers on its way.

-Turn! Turn around! Aaaaah! Watch out!!!

Half way around a trailer came at full speed… (more)

Creature hanging on a rock Aak fictionspawn

Caught on Camera

All he had was a photography. A creature, hanging on a rock wall in the forest.

Dave had been obsessed ever since he saw it the first time. He had searched for its origin, for the place it had been taken.

His research led him up in the north, into the forests by the coast. He followed the signs he had been able to encounter, the little hints he could find. There seemed to be a pattern, as if they had been laid out for him to find them… (more)

Another Prey

The garden grew, distancing her from the outside world. She sunk into the shadows of the wild growing roses and the tall, majestic trees.

Something, someone, lurked between the branches, in the darkness behind the leaves.

-What do you want? she screamed, breaking the silence.

Soft wind far above was the only answer… (more)

Future Meals

In his sack the troll
carries his gold
and people he steals
for future meals
He meets a lad
ashed a tad
with a sharp little spine
and a barrel of wine… (more)

Creatures of darkness in fear of the light.

Cherished Darkness

-The light! The light is back!

-Aaaaah! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Some held their arms out towards the whiteness, others ran into the shadows for safety.   Yet others threwthemselves down in submission. It burned their eyes, tore their souls with fear.

Then it was gone, once again,  as suddenly as the last time.

They waited, knew it would be back. Anxiety dug into their hearts, life became unbearable.

Kiind, the youngest of them all, always played around by the little black lake… (More)