Caught on Camera

Creature hanging on a rock Aak fictionspawn


All he had was a photography. A creature, hanging on a rock wall in the forest.

Dave had been obsessed ever since he saw it the first time. He had searched for its origin, for the place it had been taken.

His research led him up in the north, into the forests by the coast. He followed the signs he had been able to encounter, the little hints he could find. There seemed to be a pattern, as if they had been laid out for him to find them.

He had to find it. The little monkey-like creature with the pointed ears and the sharp teeth. He didn’t know what it was, but it couldn’t be natural.

He walked further into the forest than he had ever been. He slept under the bushes, lived off the land. He moved slowly, like a cat, not to be heard as he walked.

The shadows had grown long, the sun would soon be gone. In a scree further up the hill, he saw something move. He walked towards it, got his camera out.

It stared upon him from the rocks, bigger than he had imagined. He pushed the button. A flash.

His body was dragged in under the rocks, disappeared in the darkness. The camera lay on the ground, out in the open waiting to be found.

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