Recommended Stories 2


I used to hitchhike a lot, and this one is inspired by the many adventures I’ve been through on and by the road. Hitchhiking – Fear of the Unknown


A story about a fishing trip getting out of hand. It came to life after a trip up in northern Telemark in Norway, sleeping by the Seljord lake. It’s one of the deepest in Norway, and said to have a monster. Beautiful place, and the stories doesn’t make it less interesting. My story is called Lake Death 

10thors-iron-gloves4(1)Thor wakes up and his iron gloves are gone. He’s not happy about it. When Thor Lost His Iron Gloves 

11Unrestricted Comprehension Aak fictionspawnRussel’s paradox made into a story, and an illustration. With audio narration. Unrestricted Comprehension


Rowing Hand Aak fictionspawn

This one is about loss and dark deeds. And ghosts and legends. It’s called Dark River.


Aliens arriving Aak fictionspawn

How hurt should an animal be before it’s sacrificed? This story turns the scores. UFO roadkill

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