Unrestricted Comprehension

Unrestricted Comprehension

He wrote stories. Stories about people who didn’t write their own. It became an obsession. He wanted to write about them all, but he was nothing but a mere mortal. He lacked time.

He swore an oath. An oath to new gods and old, an oath to Mother Nature, to the universe itself. He swore an oath to Reason.

“If you only give me time, I will write a story about everyone who do not write about themselves. Every single one of them, and no one else. Ever.”

You will be given time, Reason said. If you succeed you will live forever. If you fail, I will take it all back.

The pact was sealed. He wrote. He wrote until he had written about each and every one of them.

Everyone but one. Himself.

Never had he written his own story, so his story had to be written. As he started writing, his memories began to fade. His childhood disappeared as he tried to put it down on paper. His youth. He felt a tingling sensation. Soon he didn’t feel anything any more. He remembered nothing. The pen fell though his transparent hand. He tried to pick it up, but his hand went through it, through the sheet, through the table.

He seized to exist forever, in all past and all future. None of his stories had ever been told.






Wheel of Time

A Story Come True


    1. The story (and the illustration too) is based on Russel’s paradox, which is more or less the oath the writer does to the higher forces. The problem is it’s an oath logically impossible to fulfill (it’s explained in depth in the first links). So I guess you can say the moral would be not to make promises you can’t keep 🙂

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  1. That’s kind of unfair but then it all depends on the wording. He was supposed to write a story for those who couldn’t write one for themselves. Since he could write his story for himself, he broke the oath.

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    1. Yes. As long as he hadn’t written his story he belonged to the (only) group he was supposed to write about.
      When he started writing about himself, he fell out of that group, and broke his promise. I ‘m afraid Reason know all along. She can be quite a b… sometimes 😀

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  2. Ahahhahhahahh. Love this one. Terrifying concept. The picture made my eyes go wide too. And maybe he got what he deserved because he was meddling and made a pact that he had no business making? Great stuff you got going on lately. Oh and one little thing, please don’t get mad at me for saying this I honestly am telling you with the right intention: The phrase is “ceased to exist” and not seized. Don’t be mad at me for that. Anyway, thanks for your stories and carry on!

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