I can proudly let you all know that my story One Day Music Came was published on Wordpess Discover on Tuesday. I’ve been welcoming a lot of new readers since then, and find it fitting to reblog this post which is the closest to an about-page I have here on Fictionspawn Monsters. A big thank you to all of you, both old and new friends and followers.

Fictionspawn Monsters

A Norwegian Guy Living in Spain Writing in EnglishMy first years in Spain were a blast. I hitchhiked down in a few days with my friend Odd and we split up when we came to Barcelona. It wasn’t the first time I went travelling, but it was the first time I wasn’t planning on going home. Menorca became the place where the real adventure began. The events on Menorca has been crucial for my life since then, especially people I met there and people I’ve gotten to know because of them.

From there it was a lot of roaming around, a lot of new people and experiences and a lot of plain old getting wasted. Sleeping under the stars I visited most of Spain, stopped by Portugal and travelled around France several times on my journeys up and down from Norway. Granada became my base, and still is. I was always writing and drawing, but not like…

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