Scream in Silence

“Tonight I’m going to tell you the story about Jack. Jack was a young man, a man living here in this village. Jack walked the streets late at night, strode when everyone else had gone to bed.

Jack was the night guard, the man who lit the street lamps at night. The watchman, the man who kept us all safe.”

All the children listened carefully. Old Davick took a deep breath, and went on with his story.

“One night Jack saw something on top of the high mountain top behind the village. The old legends say it’s holy, but there are even older legends saying it is cursed.

He saw something move up there, something big, rounding the top before it disappeared… (more)

Many a Little

Parly walked between the bushes through the land. He had been sent out to get some water, they were making soup today.

The walk was quite long. He heard the humming of the bees, the stridulation of the locusts. Little beetles were crawling around. There were quite many of them, passing over the soil. 

“That’s funny,” he thought. “They all seem to be walking towards me.”

The grasshoppers jumped from plant to plant. Were they coming towards him as well? 

“Wow, am I paranoid today!”

He laughed a little. His head played tricks on him sometimes, but this was ridiculous.

He reached the old well, got the bucket down and up again. He sat and rested for a while. Flies were buzzing around his head. Mosquitoes stinging… (more)

Swamp Hole

-I don’t think anyone has ever been this deep into these swamps, Mark said, looking at the crocodiles between the roots of the trees growing out of the water.

-Probably not. Quite an adventure, this…

-Turn! Fucking turn!

The boat cringed. Mark pushed the stick down into the soil. Pete and Billy held on to the edge, fighting to keep the boat straight.

A mountain of flesh and greenish skin emerged out of the water. It rose between the trees, mud running down its body. The stench was unbearable.

They got the boat half way around. The waves made the boat jump like a bob.

-Hold on!

Splash. They lay in the water, the boat dipping nearby…(more)


There she was, in a distance. He started walking faster, followed her just out of sight. Once in a while she looked over her shoulder. He stopped. Waited. Then he walked faster.

He remembered the first night he saw her. Swaying hips and her head high. Their paths had crossed. Sparkling eyes met his. A hint of fear.

He fell in love. Obsession. He wanted her.

He started looking for her at night. He found out when she walked by. The route she used to take from the train station and home. Some day he would talk to her. Some day she would be his

He saw her go into her house, always looking over her shoulder when she went in. Did she think about him, when she was inside, when she went to bed? Was she afraid? Curious? He was hoping the last, but he didn’t really believe it. But yes, he was sure she thought about him.

He got this strange feeling, an absurd feeling that he was the one being followed, that someone somehow was watching, staring at him from the darkness. Had she called the police? He shrugged it off. It wasn’t illegal to walk the streets at night.

Every night the feeling grew stronger… (more)


-Over here! George ran down the long side. Pike passed the ball. George went in, alone with the goal keeper. Kicked as hard as he… Mike came sliding in. Kicked him in the leg.

The ball hit the pole and bounced back. Rolled some feet and stopped abruptly. George lay on the ground.

-Penalty! Pike said. -Damn Mike! Are you OK, George?

George got up on his feet. -I’m fine. And this means we’re winning.

He went to pick the ball up up.

-That’s strange… there’s some kind of weed growing around it.

The others gathered around. It grew fast, like the hand of some kind of dirt monster coming up from the ground. It grabbed the ball, held it.

-What the… What is that? Pike said in astonishment. -It just grew up from the soil… just like that!

-It has our ball.

-Well, we need it back, George said. He walked closer, reached out towards the plant.

-Wait… Mike was too late. The plant closed its grip around George’s hand… (more)


Congratulations, Mr Johnson! It’s a boy! …or… I think it’s a boy… oh, wait. That’s something else. Congratulations it’s a baby!

Roger looked down on the creature in his arms. It wasn’t crying. It was making a strange gurgling sound, hissing fiercely. It was green, and had a hideous mouth wide open. Sharp teeth.

Babies don’t have teeth, do they? Roger thought. 

It was the kind of mouth you wouldn’t want to get your fingers too close to. He looked at his wife.She smiled towards him, looking tired, yet immensely happy.

They took the baby home to their place, their love nest where they had made everything so cosy for the new family member.

It didn’t cry.

They put it in its bed, tucked him in. Roger didn’t say anything, and Mary seemed totally unaware of the horrible aspect of the little creature.

-Here, hold him! She said. The little monster hissed towards him, snapping its teeth… (more)