-Come on!

-Where are we going?

-You’ll soon find out. Come!

-Woooowww…. It’s amazing.

-I told you! He smiled a big smile.

They could see everything from up here. The city far below. The fields, even the sea. A thin sickle of a moon lit up as if it was full, gave the landscape a magical shine

-Oh, Tim… It’s just so…

He took her in his arms, turned her around. His gaze sunk into her eyes, deeper then any man had ever seen.

-Only the best… He kissed her. Around them the bats flew on their hunt for bugs, the crickets sang their song.

She turned around, adjusted her eyes to the dark distance. -What’s that…?

He moved her hair a bit to one side, exposed her neck. Opened his mouth wide.

She took a step down the path. -Look! There’s cabin down there! Let’s go!

She grabbed his hand, ran down the slope.

The cabin could hardly be seen in the dense vegetation. It was old and worn, almost falling down.

-What are you…?

-Come on! It will be fun!

She broke a window, opened the door.

-I’m not really sure about this… He had lived long enough to know what kind of things that could lurk in these kinds of places. -I’m not sure if….

She was already inside. His veins was screaming of hunger. He followed.

The place smelled of rot and dirt. It was dark, even his eyes had a hard time seeing anything.

-Here I am, she said with a soft voice. He turned around. She lit a candle. Her naked body looked fantastic in the flickering light. He even considered turning her for a moment, but he wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility. She held her hands out.

He saw something on the bed. She turned around.

-Aaaaaahhh!! Melanie’s scream made the walls shiver. A dead man was lying on the bed. His face was rotten, flesh was falling off his naked upper body.

-Oh my God, he’s dead! She backed up towards Tim. He opened his mouth to strike, he just couldn’t take it no more. The dead man sat up. Melanie kept screaming.

Damn. If there was one dead man waking, there would usually be more of them. He hated them. Their rotten smell, their total lack of grace and sensuality.

Right he was, another dead man came walking in from the next room.

Tim threw him onto the other. Elegant. Gracious. Grabbed Melanie, pulled her with him through the closed door.

Too late. The place was crawling with walking bodies. Melanie kept screaming. Not the kind of screams he liked, the scream when the fear was mixed with erotic romance. The other kind. The scream of disgust and terror. Fucking dead men, always spoiling the atmosphere.

-Well, I’m out of here…

He turned into a bat. Melanie’s panic went out of control. He fluttered up in the air, out of reach of the hideous monsters on the ground. Melanie was left on the porch, naked and screaming. A dead man came out of the door behind her.

From above Tim saw the dead men covering the poor girl down on the ground. Such a waste.

The night was still young. He could still find some fresh blood if he hurried down to town, but it would be too late for romance.




      1. WHAT? LOL. We can do it in the car, hotel or in an apartment NOT an old abandoned house that smells like dead people, with cobwebs on the corners of the roof; you can even see huge spiders handing on them. That’s some freaky stuff there.

        Liked by 1 person

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