Dark Woods

Dark Woods

Finally a new story.

Last week I mentioned a cabin we stopped by in the forest. There’s a lot of cabins in Norway, as you can imagine. It was abounded, and quite a few things were lying around. There were some black hand marks on the wall beside the chimney, and underneath the cottage I found a newspaper from 1978. The front page spoke about the police investigating a couple of priests who had taken part in an exorcism. The subject, a young woman, had been through four others intents before that one, by other people. When we left the place two ravens was flying between the trees a bit further away. So far it’s all true.

We went up the path. We could not see the ravens any more, but we could hear their screams deeper into the woods.

We walked for quite a while. Too long, really.

We should be to the car by now, said Johnny. It wasn’t that far away.

They walked a little further.

We’re not getting anywhere.

I guess we’ll have to turn back, said Jess. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. She took her phone out. No coverage.

They walked back for a while. A long while.

They heard the two ravens again. They were closer now.

Another scream. Different. Almost… Human.

Jessica shivered. What was that?

I have no idea. We should have been back to the cabin by now… Johnny was looking up at the sky. It was getting darker.

We need to get out of here. It’s getting late. She was looking at her phone, trying to find get contact. Nothing.

It was getting cold, too. They weren’t prepared to stay out at night. They saw a light between the trees. Look! They walked off the path, through the woods.

It was the same cabin. There was a light in the window.

We need to go see who’s there. Maybe they can tell us how to get back.

They went over, and up the stairs. The door was open. Hello? Said Johnny. Is there anybody here?

No answer. He stepped over the threshold.

Johnny, be careful!

He stopped for a moment. Listened. He could hear the burning sound from the chimney. The ravens scream between the trees nearby. Come on, there’s a fire. I’m freezing.

Inside the fire was burning vivid. Twelve lit black candles. There were a lot more black marks on the walls than before.

They walked over to the fireplace, held their hands up to the fire. Jessica looked over her shoulder. She didn’t feel good about this at all. On the wall the black marks had spread. Letters could be seen.


She touched johnny’s shoulder, breathing heavily. Johnny turned around. Oh my god, he said. Oh my god. We need to get the fuck out of here.

A woman was standing in the door..

Pale face. The back dress of a widow.

Then she was gone.

Did you see that? Said Jessica. Johnny was as white as the woman.

Yes. Come on!
They ran out, into the forest. Through the darkness. Ravens screaming, and an other voice. Laughing. Vailing. Ravens laughing and screaming.

Jessica stopped.

Johnny? No answer. Johnny, where are you? Her voice was shaking.

A voice further ahead. Johnny! She ran towards the sound. She was back at the cabin. The light was burning vivid in the windows.

Inside the cabin Johnny’s voice was pleading for mercy.

Leave him alone! She leaped up the stairs. Got in the door. There was no one there. The candles. The fire. The writing on the wall.

The door slammed shut behind her. The lights went out.

A cold hand touched her neck.

A raven was laughing all around her.


I couldn’t fond anything about the exorcist incident from the newspaper in English… Here’s a little bit in Norwegian. https://no.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eksorsisme

A Story Come True

The Strange Nest

I’m at my Grandma’s cottage now, with my girlfriend. My Grandpa died many years ago, but don’t worry, he was a good guy. We’ll be fine.

Here’s another story about another cabin I wrote last year.

Fictionspawn Monsters

the strange nest.jpg

They had gone on a trip with Andrew’s dads canoe, and stopped at a cabin in the woods. The door was closed but unlocked. They went in to have a look. An adventure! Mary was  thrilled.

Inside the hut was furnished and neat. It looked as if there had been someone there just recently, and they cleaned before they left.

There was something odd, though. A kind of strange nest in the corner. It was different from any nest they had ever seen. Cool! Said Andrew. He went over to the nest, took a fork from the drawer just underneath and poked it. A strange sound from inside the nest. He jumped back. Laughed. He went closer again. Looked into a hole in the side of the nest. Put his nose in front of it. Sniffed. Something came shooting out of the hole. Into his nose.

Aaaaah!! What was…

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Fictionspawn Monsters


She was out in the forest looking for plants and mushrooms when Jim came along. He was tall, strong and handsome, funny and friendly.

Hello! He said cheerfully.

Hello! She answered. She was happy to see him. She always was.

She was the most beautiful girl in the village. Jim had had his eyes on her for quite a while. She had the most beautiful smile. He loved the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed. She always wore clothes that gave you a hint of the perfect curves underneath.

They sat down, talked for a while.

He was timid, and she liked it. She started stroking his cheek. His shoulder. Moved her fingers down to his belly. He turned over and kissed her. First a small kiss on the lips. Then more and more passionately. She moved her hand to his pants. Slipped it underneath, grabbed his cock. He…

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The Witch Doctor

Fictionspawn Monsters

the witchdoctor

Anderson was the director of Major Oilcompany Corporation. They had found oil in the deep of the Cameroon wilderness. A tribe was living there. They called them selves the Magobgies, but Anderson didn’t really care.They had to be removed, of course. Not really a problem.

Paying off the right amount of higher politicians they got their way. No one would mingle in their affairs. The oil would be theirs. As it should be. Progress was the way. The tribal communities belonged to the past. Capitalism was the future. They went in to start the work. They had workers, government soldiers and a private American security company.

The chief refused to leave. Some of the tribesmen picked up their spears. As if to protect their territory. Anderson was amused by their naive innocence. It wasn’t theirs anymore. It was the territory of Major Oilcompany Corporation. They had bought it. Paid for…

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The Bezoar

Friday has become the day I reblog some great post I find out there in the wordpress jungle of fiction and poetry. This blog has a lot of them, it was hard to choose. Enjoy.

Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

Was it delusion?

Few among us would argue that it wasn’t
But be assured, their ghastly footsteps came by a dozen

In that seclusion

With wooded life glaring at me on despairing knees.
Leaf unto limb they crumbled underfoot from behind me.

First they snickered

Not contempt nor trickery did the sepulchral spooks bring.
Though frightening, they were there to rid me of something.

Hungered they bickered

One hooded, gangly creature to another, then bargained
Selecting which to do the honors, in feral jargon

Whether to rip

A fatal gash into my belly or down through my throat.
My shivering heart beat my last rites and braced to be smote.

Through my lips

The chosen wraith plunged with his boney, necromanced hand
Into my esophagus, stomach, and gastric glands

Pulled a bezoar

Backwards, scraping slurry, silt, sludge, and scales past my teeth.
The twelve danced gleeful at the vile, oozing mass…

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His Grandpa’s Cabin

I’m on vacation, so I will be reblogging a bit more than usual. Yesterday I didn’t publish anything, because I was on a hike in a Norwegian forest. We found an amazingly sinister abounded cottage which you will hear more about later. Today I’ll reblog another story about another cabin. Quite sinister as well.

Fictionspawn Monsters


When they arrived at the cabin night had already fallen. The stars were shining bright, a falcate moon was slowly going down in the west. A small owl was calling in the deep darkness of the forest. The cabin was small and wooden, and even in the dark the place was beautiful.

This is amazing! exclaimed Claire. And so silent!

Come on, let’s go inside! said Thomas. It’s cold out here.

He found the key under the stairs, unlocked and opened the door. He went in, lit a candle. Claire followed. The cabin had only one room, small and cozy. There was a big fireplace in one corner, an open kitchen with closets and shelves, and a big old bearskin in front of the fireplace.

Who’s that? asked Claire, looking at an old photo on the wall. He seems sad…

Thomas looked up from the still unlit wood in the…

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Temple of Death

This story was on the “top posts”- list of my blog for a long time. Reblogged today, and here’s a little text about the idea behind, and the pencil drawing:

Fictionspawn Monsters

Temple of death.jpg

Rabe, Sink and Torkey stood in front of the huge metal door. The door was marked with symbols of an ancient civilization. Some symbolized death, the sculls and bones made that part easy to see. An other seemed to prohibit entrance. The third one was more diffuse, they had no idea what it meant. It was black and yellow, circle shaped with three triangles pointing into another smaller circle in the centre.

Probably some kind of old religious symbol, said Rabe, archaeologist and leader of the expedition. Most likely a warning of some curse or something. Everyone knew curses didn’t work, there was no reason to worry.

The door was securely locked, but Sink was an expert in explosives. The door went down. A dark tunnel lay open in front of them. They could smell a strange stench from inside.
What if… started Sink.
What if what? Torkey looked at…

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This is a story is based on Norwegian folklore tale traditions. It might be a bit darker, though.

There was, once, a long long time ago, three brothers called Per, Paal and Espen. One day they were out in the forest looking for mushrooms. Their father had told them to go. After quite a long time looking, they hadn’t found anything. It was getting dark, but they didn’t want to go home empty handed.

The sun went down.

We’re going to have to head home, said Paal. We won’t find anything in the darkness.

They started walking.

Haven’t we been here before? Per was looking at some tall trees.

We have, said Paal. Espen said nothing. His brothers was always making fun of him, so he usually was quite quiet.

Paul sat down on a rock. Espen looked at the sky.

I think it’s that way, he said.

Shut up, said Paal. What do you know?

Yeah, what do you know, repeated Per. You never do anything but sit at the fireplace playing with the ashes.

But the sky is brighter down there. That means it has to be where the sun went d…

Shut up! Said Paul. I need to think.

The two older brothers was talking between them. Espen went a bit away. They were always making fun of him and made him feel bad.

He heard a noise. Trees breaking. Rocks falling. Per and Paul jumped up on their feet. What was that?

Something big could be seen between the trees. It looked like a mountain, with trees on the top.

But it moved.

I smell Christian man’s blood!!! Said the mountain. It was a troll, and he sounded angry. Paal screamed. A scream of a high tone, like the scream of a little girl.

The troll heard him. In two steps it was upon them. Now Per screamed as well. The troll stepped on them both with one huge foot.

Espen was looking at the horrible scene of the troll picking up his crushed brothers and devoured them.

Mmm… Christian man’s blood. Smells bad, but sure tastes good… Said the troll. He spoke slowly, his voice was deep and dark.

He sniffed in the air. Looked around. Sniffed his fingers. Sniffed the air again. I smell more Christain blood!!! He screamed. Younger Christain man’s blood!

Espen was hiding under a root. He closed his eyes shut, his hands was shaking.

Where are you, you little creep? Come out, so I can eat you!

He started ripping up the trees. Espen knew he would find him sooner or later. He had to do something.

I’ll come out! Just one condition! Said Espen.

Condition? The troll was confused. He wasn’t used to negotiations. What condition?

I don’t like to be eaten raw. I’m a rather exquisite dish. You probably never had anything like me. I’m delicious!

You do smell interesting, said the troll thoughtful.

I’m really best served grilled on vivid fire, said Espen.

On fire… said the troll. Sounds good. I like grilled stuff…

Get some firewood and so we can get started, said Espen. This is going to be delicious!

The troll was exited. A long time had gone by without a meal like this one. He started getting a lot of wood, putting it in a pile. I’ll help you, said Espen and came out of his hiding place. He got some smaller wood and dry plants to get the fire started, but at one part he put some wet grass he found by a small pool of water.

Thank you, Cristian man. You’re quite nice little, man, aren’t you. I’m looking forward to eating you.

Me too, said Espen. The troll looked at him, puzzled. A big, friendly smile spread over his face. He wasn’t used to food helping out like this. They usually tried to get away, tried to fight him and stuff. He liked this.

But how will we get the fire started, said the troll in his slow way.

Don’t worry! Said Espen. I have matches! Look! The troll was astonished. He hadn’t seen matches before. He was looking eagerly. He was almost a bit sad he was going to eat this nice little guy, but he wasn’t the one to miss a good meal.

Espen lit a match, throwing it into the wet part of the grass. It was put out. He lit another one, and the same thing happened.

Why doesn’t it work? Said the troll. He was getting a bit sceptical. This seemed a bit too good to be true. What if the little man was trying to fool him in some way?

The grass is a bit wet, said Espen. We need something dryer. The troll looked around, scratching his head. Dryer than the grass around here? What could be…

Hey! Said Espen. Your tail seems quite dry! Wy don’t we light your tail on fire , and then we can light the rest of the fire with your tail?

The troll looked at him. But… Isn’t that dangerous?

Noooo! Said Espen. I light my tail on fire all the time, but you see, my tail is wet too! Espen was dangling his belt, showing it to the troll.

The troll thought for a while. OK, he said. Let’s give it try.

Espen caught the troll’s tail with his hands, an lit a match. The dry grass and bushes on the trolls tail lit on fire immediately. The fire spread up, lighting the plants and trees on his back on fire.

Aaaaahhh! Screamed the troll. It burns! It burns! He ran off into the forest. The fire spread to the trees, putting the whole forest on fire. Espen was never heard from again.

And snip, snap, snout, then the tale was out.




El Duende Pt 1/3

THE ACCUSED (sci-fi flash fiction)

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The Surrealist Junkie

***This was a short piece I wrote one night for the Sci-fi London flash fiction competition***


The Decider’s ship descended through the snowstorm, coughing up a wave of ice. The haggard ship was built to withstand such conditions, its birdlike feet adjusting to the shifting shape of the ground. Seconds after landing a pole emerged slowly from the top of the ship, and reached higher and higher into the blizzard. Once fully extended it was around twice the height of the ship. Then the pole began to open out in an action much like that of an umbrella. Once opened it formed a perfect half-sphere dome which slowly lowered until it covered the ship so it looked like some colossal snow globe. Next gill-like vents on the side of the ship opened, and began pumping seething hot air into the inner globe, and soon enough, the ice started to…

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The Ghost of Dusterville

The Ghost of LasservilleThe fog lay dense over the little village. There was no one in the streets. Silence.

Something moved between the houses. Something dark. Something evil. A scream was heard.

People came running out of their houses. Down the road. A ghost, they said. There was a ghost right here.

The next night the ghost was seen again. This time several people saw it. What do you want? They asked.

Bllooooodddd…. Answered the ghost and disappeared.

The ghost wants blood! We need to get it blood, Or else we will all be doomed!

They got a goat, brought it to the village square. The ghost didn’t appear.

This is stupid, said Ronald the blacksmith. Ghosts doesn’t exist.

But we’ve seen it! We’ve seen it!

It’s probably someone who wants to fool you, said Ronald.

You are so closed minded, said Hans the farmer.

You never believe in anything. Said the stable boy.

Whatever, said Ronald. I’m going home.

Look! There it is! The ghost appeared between the houses. First it could hardly be seen, but slowly it materialized. Then it disappeared.

You see? You see?

Ronald left.

The goat was sacrificed.

The ghost stood there, watching them in all it’s evilness.

I don’t wwwwaaaant goat’s blood, you stuuuuupiiiiidddd villagers…

The tailor fell to his knees. But what do you want? Tell us, please don’t harm us!

The ghost rose a bony hand. It pointed. At Rebecca.

He wants Rebecca! Said the shoemaker. Rebecca looked at the others. She didn’t want to die, but she didn’t want the wrath of the ghost upon the villagers either. She cried.

Tomorrroooowwww…. The ghost disappeared.

The next day the villagers had gathered on the square. They had brought the young girl for the sacrifice. The ghost appeared.

Rebecca was pulled out. She was crying. The Tailor had a big knife in his hand.

Oh, ghost! We give you this sacrifice to…

Ronald came running out from behind the ghost. He had a spade in his hand. The ghost turned around, but to slow. He hit it in the head. It fell to the ground. Lifted it’s arms to defend itself. Ronald lifted the spade again.

No! No, please don’t kill me!

Kill it..? Said the stable boy. Aren’t ghosts already dead?

Ronald pulled the filthy cloth off it. On the ground lied the tailor’s son.

What the… People looked from the boy to the tailor and back to the boy.

Rebecca ripped loose. But Peter! Why,…?

I hate you. I always hated you. I wanted you dead.

The tailor stood there, said nothing. He felt rather stupid. Everybody did.

Good thing we didn’t kill her, then, said the stable boy after a while.



Prophetic Poetry

Brothers in Law

Brothers in Law

I think it’s a good rule, really. The golden rule is of the oldest moral axioms there is. It is, basically, empathy explained rationally, I’d say.

Jack, his brother in law looked at him as if he was crazy. Frank continued.

It’s the very definition of morals, older than any religion, any ethical reasoning. Do to others as you want others to do to you, or more importantly, do not do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

I disagree, said Jack. You can’t know that. How do you know that? There’s no proof.

I don’t know, said Frank. At least you should not do to others what they do not want you to do to them. To me it seems… Obvious.

I don’t think so. It doesn’t really matter what you do to them, it’s what people do that is important.

Er… I… I don’t know if I understand…

People do what they want to do, therefore they should do to others what others want to be doing.

Frank rolled his eyes. Whatever you say, Jack. I still think it’s the best way.

Whatever I say? You’re saying I’m right, just to make me shut up, or what?

No, it’s just… I don’t want discuss it too much, you get kind of aggressive when we…

Aggressive? Are you calling me aggressive? You’re an asshole, you know that?

Hey, calm down, man. I just don’t want us to fight, that’s all.

Fight? Fuck you, man. You’re closed minded arrogance disgust me.

Frank looked at the gate down the yard. When would his wife be home? He hated talking to his brother in law.

OK, OK. Calm down.

Calm down? Calm down? You calm down! You’re an asshole you know that? I’m sick of you! I don’t fucking want you in my family.

Frank was getting nervous. His brother in law had quite a temper, but now he seemed to be out of control.

OK, he said, I’m out of here. He got up from his chair.

Out of here? Fuck you, man. Fuck you. You’re leaving just because you don’t want to loose a fucking debate man?

Frank walked towards the door.

You’re not leaving! Said Jack. He jumped up and grabbed Franks shoulder.

Are you crazy? Frank was getting a bit scared. The fear provoked anger. Let go of me!

I hate you! Jack screamed in his face. I hate you, you’re the most arrogant fucking disgusting asshole I’ve ever known! You think you know everything!

He was holding Franks upper arm hard. His fingers pushing into the bone.

Let go of me! Said Frank, ripped his arm loose. The movement pulled Jack a abruptly towards him. Hos nose hit Franks forehead.

Ouch! You hit me! You fucking hit me! His nose was bleeding, his eyes looked crazy.

He grabbed a heavy vas from the table. Hit Frank in the head. Frank tried to keep his arms up to defend himself, but there was no way.

When his wife came home she found him dead on the floor. Her brother was no longer there.



Cogito Ergo Sum

Lake Fear

A fishing trip takes an unexpected turn…

Fictionspawn Monsters


Ronny loved fishing. It was in fact his favorite thing to do. Every weekend he took the car and went somewhere to get some fish. He loved all about it. The waiting. The suspense of getting the fish on the hook, getting it out of the water. The fight, when the fish was jumping around on land, trying to get back into the water. The kill. He loved the kill.

This weekend he had gone further away from home than ever, he had been driving for hours and hours. He found a great spot on the side of a small, deep lake in a mountain valley. He put up his tent and went to sleep, exhausted.

He got up early. The place was beautiful. High mountains on every side, waterfalls running down the mountainsides. The water was crystal clear and he could see how the bottom went almost straight…

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She was looking out over the edge of the nest. She would soon fly. She had been looking over this edge all her life, waiting for her mother and father stop by with food. But now a new time was emerging, she could feel until the tip of her feathers. She was dreaming of the stars, to sleep thousands of meters up in the air, to hunt insects between the houses in the evening.

Her parents had been away for a long time now.  She could see the little insects in the air in front of her. She could catch them, she knew it. She moved carefully up on the edge. Her big wings on each side. She left the edge. Fell towards the grown, testing her wings. She didn’t get it right. The heat from the sun was beyond anything she’d imagined. She got his wings out, moved forward, but didn’t get height. She hit ground.

She wasn’t really hurt, but knew she was in trouble. She was out of her element, like a fish out of water. She was a creature of air. Now she was stuck to the ground. Her short legs and big wings made it difficult to move around. They were not meant to get her up from nothing, they were meant to keep her in the air. She was stuck.

She jumped clumsily around. Feet in shoes stepping around her. She jumped towards the wall where it seemed a bit safer, but still people were stepping close. A dog came running. A human was calling it. The dog saw her, started hitting her with its paw. The human grabbed the dog and pulled it away.

There was a hole in the wall. It was similar to the spot where her nest had been. Safety. She ran towards it in small jumps. She was almost there. Two eyes stared at her from the darkness. Two yellow eyes with a vertical line in the centre.

Look, a bird!

Hands were grabbing at her. She tried to get away, but they picked her up.

There were two of them, and they were communicating with strange sounds. They carried her away. Into a door. Up stairs. In another door and out on a balcony. She could see the ground far below. Height. Afternoon wind blowing through her feathers. Other birds flying by at high speed. The human was holding her high in the air. It opened its fingers. She closed his eyes for a moment. Took a deep breath. Opened them. Jumped. She fell outside of the fence. Opened her wings. They filled with air underneath. Slowed down her fall, made her go forwards. A wall. She was going to crash. She leaned to one side, and her direction followed, flying down the street and up in the air to join her fellow swifts in an air born life.




Weeping Woodlands

Recollections At Fall

Beyond the urban sprawl and the fringe of concrete civilisation was heard a thunderous reverberation

A harsh demonic grating of electric saws and frenzied verbal agitation

A rude intrusion to our peaceful activities in the shade of a sprawling tree

Soon peace pervaded and a tutored voice within carelessly registered another indiscriminate human spree

This is the fashion of the day the slash the burn the endless acts of deforestation

The wanton human lust the reckless race the insatiable desires to be appeased without hesitation

Lost in reverie I was soon overcome by drowsiness and lulled into slumber

Rudely awakened by the tinkling of anklet bells and a melodious number

As if in a trance I visioned Aranyani the elusive goddess of the glade beckoning me to the wilderness

Mesmerised I followed eager to keep pace with her agile gait in unwarranted recklessness

Deep in the weald in a clearing…

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