The Strange Nest

the strange nest.jpg

They had gone on a trip with Andrew’s dads canoe, and stopped at a cabin in the woods. The door was closed but unlocked. They went in to have a look. An adventure! Mary was  thrilled.

Inside the hut was furnished and neat. It looked as if there had been someone there just recently, and they cleaned before they left.

There was something odd, though. A kind of strange nest in the corner. It was different from any nest they had ever seen. Cool! Said Andrew. He went over to the nest, took a fork from the drawer just underneath and poked it. A strange sound from inside the nest. He jumped back. Laughed. He went closer again. Looked into a hole in the side of the nest. Put his nose in front of it. Sniffed. Something came shooting out of the hole. Into his nose.

Aaaaah!! What was that?

Let me see! Said Mary. She looked into his nose. Nothing there but the same strange sound. I don’t know, she said. Looked like some kind of creep.

Disgusting! Shouted Andrew. He was blowing his nose in the tablecloth, but only snot came out. He blew harder.

His head exploded. Blood splattered on the walls, leaving the room red. Mary didn’t even scream. She just stared at the body on the floor. All the blood. What the fuck just happened?

Mary ran. She ran in terror. When she couldn’t run any more she sat down and cried helplessly.

She called the police when she got to the village. They went out to the cabin to have a look, although they didn’t really believe her. They entered the cabin carefully. It was clean and neat as if someone cleaned it just a while ago. A strange nest were hanging in the corner.

Stupid Mutant


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