A Norwegian Guy Living in Spain Writing in English

A Norwegian Guy Living in Spain Writing in English

My first years in Spain were a blast. I hitchhiked down in a few days with my friend Odd and we split up when we came to Barcelona. It wasn’t the first time I went traveling, but it was the first time I wasn’t planning on going home. Menorca became the place where the real adventure began. The events on Menorca has been crucial for my life since then, especially people I met there and people I’ve gotten to know because of them.

From there it was a lot of traveling, a lot of new people and experiences and a lot of plain old getting wasted. I visited most of Spain, stopped by Portugal and traveled around France several times on my way up and down from Norway. Granada became my base, and still is. I was always writing and drawing, but not like now, it wasn’t really in the center of attention. The adventure was more important.

When I first arrived I didn’t speak Spanish, but slowly you learn. In Spain Spanish is what takes you around, and some of my friends from the very beginning spoke no English at all. I had a good base for learning. People in other countries told me I had a Spanish accent on my English, I guess from adapting English for Spanish people to understand me better. Now I have the Spanish language under control, but there’s still lot to learn.

I think my Spanish helps my English a bit. Especially it’s given me more vocabulary, and a deeper understanding. English is quite a hybrid language, with a lot of words and influence both from Latin and Germanic, among other languages like Celtic and Greek. It’s one of the things I like the most about it. They say the vikings and the British understood each other more or less. I guess Scotland was closer than England, and today as well I think I can hear a resemblance to Norwegian accent in Scottish. Maybe it’s just me, but hey, it’s not so far away after all.

In Norway we learn a lot of English in school, and we don’t translate movies, so most Norwegians have some level of English. I’ve learned a lot from traveling and reading books as well. I manage English more or less, but I know I make a lot of mistakes. Please feel free to correct any errors I make in my posts and stories in my comment fields, it will be appreciated.

So I’m still in Spain, though there’s a lot less action in my life these days. It’s probably a good thing if I want to live for a while. Now most of the adventures goes from my head to the screen and from the screen to my head. Not that I’m not doing other things, but creating and absorbing other peoples creations is what i do the most. Which is a lot fun as well.



Hitchhiking (Fear of the unknown)

Monsters and Flash Fiction

Monsters and Flash Fiction

I’ve been making creatures all my life. I’ve made a world creatures with evolution, cultures, history and everything. My graphic novel. The problem is now I have to draw it all, the fun part is kind of over. That’s what I like best about flash fiction. You get to make up new stuff all the time and finish what you’ve started.

I discovered flash fiction blogging. I wasn’t really sure what to blog about, and started experimenting. Soon I realized flash fiction was my thing, and this blog kind of emerged. The internet favours short texts, probably because you get tired from reading on a screen and the next stimuli is just a click away. It suits me perfectly. I’m an idea man.

Creatures, monsters, strange people and animals has always intrigued me. The most interesting question of all is how their minds work, and where the limits to difference are. Maybe there are none. Infinite different ways of perceiving the world, infinite interpretations of reality.

Until now I think all my stories have had something to do with some kind of monster, at least metaphorically or psychologically. I cannot promise it will be like that forever, but it might. Even when I try not to some kind of monster comes out. Maybe I am one. Maybe we all are.

Some day I’ll finish my graphic novel as well. Now I want to make illustrated short stories.



Dreams and Reality


Dreams and Reality


I’ve always been writing and drawing and I’ve always been sceptical about editorial processes. Blogging is good that way. You can publish what ever you want and no one is going to tell you you can’t. A huge step for human kind.

I started this blog because I needed a change. My eternal graphic novel project did not seem to have an end, and until it’s finished very few people will read it. I was trying to make a living from artistic handicrafts. I’ll probably try again, but it’s complicated. Economically it worked out as long as I had my cave, but a major tragedy forced me to leave and threw me back into society. Having money at the moment made finding a rental flat the easy solution.

So here I am, writing and illustrating all the time. Cash is running out again, so I’ll have to figure things out. My dream has always been to make a living out of creating. Making a living working for some guy bossing me around so he or someone else can make a lot of money has not.

A middle road between dreams and reality might be a solution for now. Dreams will win eventually.



Fear of Strangers

Fragile Fences and Walls



These are the sketches for the illustration to my resent story Closed Borders and a fast brainstorm for the name. The drawing is inspired by an old idea for a graphic novel I’m working on, a story that takes place in a world I’ve created. One day you hopefully will be able to read it in paper form.

Closed Borders is a story about the dangers of the way we are treating refugees in this world and the effects suffering has on us humans. Suffering causes violence. We can’t keep bombing and exploiting poor parts of the world and at the same time close the borders for those who want to get away from the poverty and war we in the rich part of the world are creating.

In a world where people were allowed to move freely, the resources will be better distributed. People would move where there are better possibilities of survival. The borders make sure the poor stays poor and the rich stays rich. In a world of limited resources wealth creates poverty, inequality creates conflict. 

By the same reasons high security banks are sometimes robbed and people sometimes escape from well guarded prisons, a border can never be completely closed. There is no better place to recruit terrorists than in an overpopulated refugee camp. We need to get people out of the camps.

When people really want to cross they do anyway, especially with a resourceful organisation in the back. The fence between the Spanish enclave Melilla and Marocco is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen. It looks like it’s taken from some kind of apocalyptic science fiction movie, and it’s still not enough to keep people out. Lots of people have been killed in the intent to get in.

Besides being morally wrong and discriminative, taking away people’s freedom is a strategy doomed to fail sooner or later. The closed borders are creating the problems they are supposed to protect against.



Fear of Strangers


I used to hitchhike a lot. It’s a wonderful way of travelling. You meet new people all the time, you get to be taken places you never knew existed because the people who picked you up are going there. Sometimes you are invited to dinner, or to a party. Sometimes you can even get laid.

Hitchhiking (Fear of the Unknown) is about a boy hitchhiking through a territory of monsters. The story takes place in some kind of twilight zone, but I’m imagining he is travelling in central USA somewhere. Can’t really tell you where, I’ve never been there. Seen a lot of movies, though.

Usually when you hitchhike you camp, and if you want to move fast you sleep under the stars. Sometimes you hear a sound. A dog is a good companion.

Hitchhiking is not riskless, and sometimes, when you sit in the car with some stranger, you find this stranger a bit strange. You know there are psychos out there, and you want to be careful, of course. I’m a great believer of trusting your instincts when it comes to strangers. If they seem or feel like good people, I usually go with the flow. If they don’t, I’m more aware.

I have at a couple of occasions thought of getting out because my new and very short term friend was acting strange. I never did, though, and they always let me off with no problems.The only real danger I’ve experienced is people driving like crazy. Friendly people driving like monsters.




A Dark Curse


The Witch Doctor is a story about oil drilling in tribal territory. For some strange reason, human kind has built a system where people can buy other people’s land from people who live far away from that land, even if the territories have been in the possession of local tribes for centuries or more.

Multinational corporations are guilty of vast numbers of extreme crimes against natives around the globe, often with help from police and national soldiers. How do we justify a system that gives someone the right to take the rightful land of other people? Why is money more important than reason?

We like to think that we somehow have advanced, gotten beyond the unjust systems of the past, where slavery and repression was accepted as divine rights of the ones in power. Things haven’t really changed that much.

Today the privileges come from national belonging and wealth instead of noble blood. What before was regarded as God’s will is today a question of money. Poor people in poor countries are just as suppressed as they’ve always been. Tribal communities are often treated like animals.

The real curse is not the one of the Witch Doctor, but the one of human greed and indifference. By doing nothing we are all part of the problem. Let’s start doing something.




Private Property

Temple of Doom


Temple of Death is a story about nuclear waste. In a distant future, a group of archaeologists finds a nuclear storage tunnel, closed thousands of years ago. The last remains of a lost civilization.

They believe it’s some kind of temple, and the warning signs just give them another reason to enter.

We do not have a good plan of what to do with the nuclear waste we are creating, and we are creating a lot of it. We can dig it down, we can put on all sorts of warnings, but if the reason we dug it down is forgotten, people will not stop because of threats. Lots of ancient graves has been equipped with warnings of doom and curses, but we’ve opened them anyway.

There’s no reason to believe the same will not be the case in the future. It might as well be interpreted as something of great value. A hundred thousand years is a long, long time.



Metapost The Widget from Hell

Today’s my birthday, and I feel like talking about something nicer than animal torture and the end of the world (which shouldn’t be too hard to find). Let’s take a look at one of my earliest stories, The Widget from Hell.

It’s a story about a teenage boy who scowls school to jerk off to internet porn, and isn’t really meant to be anything more than a fun story, which is a good reason for making a story after all.

Still, a lesson can be found, although quite ironic. He regrets scowling school when he goes to hell. I don’t know how many people actually believe teenagers go to hell for scowling school and watching porn, but some do. I don’t.

So to all you teenage boys out there, don’t scowl school to watch porn. Not because you’ll go to hell, but because it’s probably a good idea to do well in school and internet porn isn’t really that healthy. It’s better to use your imagination or even get a girlfriend (first one might be easier than the second. Remember: In school there (hopefully) are girls).

Your imagination might come in handy later in life, like for example for making a blog, and a girlfriend is usually a lot more fun than your right hand (If you prefer boys, just change the “girl-” for “boy-”, and girls, the same advice goes for you-  no masturbating in school hours). Not that I really care, just some friendly advise.

Here’s a comic illustrating my point: http://www.stanleycolors.com/2012/11/tissues-and-lube/.

My story was created from the title. It kind of just occurred to me, and I wanted to make something of it. It is one of my shortest stories so far.


The ink illustration came out wrong, and I had to change it a bit to make the character look like the one in the story. It is about a Scandinavian teenager. The original illustration looked like a Moroccan man in his late thirties, which would not fit too well, really. So I had to change it with my rather poor knowledge of Gimp image editor (free, open source and recommendable). It didn’t turn out that well, but I didn’t really have much readers anyway.


Metapost Conspiracy


Conspiracy is a story on the connection between power and religion. The story takes place in Mesoamerica, but it could be anywhere, in any civilization or religion. I removed the temple in the ink version to make the first impression a bit more universal.

The conspiracy consists in scaring people with lies to stay in power, and I made human sacrifice a symbol of the horrors people suffer because of these lies. Human sacrifice is just one of many ways people have been tricked into accepting repression, and religion is just one of many means to keep it that way.

Today the sacrifice has taken other forms.



Metapost UFO Roadkill

My post UFO Roadkill is based on an idea I had for a comic during my years as a caveman, created in the light of candles as all my stuff was back then. The comic never became anything more than a storyboard, but I still wanted to make something out of the idea. From cave art to blog post, who would have guessed.

The story is a mental experiment on the way we humans tend to think animals are better off dead than hurt. Sometimes I guess it’s true, but still, many people have a very low limit to killing animals out of mercy. Biologically they are quite similar to us, and wounds do heal.

So I turned the roles a bit, and made the animal human and the driver alien, just to see how it feels if we were the ones to be sacrificed. It turned out to be quite terrifying.



Beyond Imagination


Beyond Faith and Reason is a story about metaphysics. The main character is investigating dimensions beyond the usual ones, and he opens a gate to a world beyond our logic. A world without logic is very difficult for us to understand or even imagine, and many people turn to faith to find answers. I really do not believe faith will give any real answers, and I’m not interested in false ones just to calm my curiosity.

I don’t believe in gods. I don’t believe there is any contrast between the spiritual and the material world and I don’t believe in a personified life after death, because it seems to me that anything personal is connected with our living biological tissue.

The mystery keeps being conscience, or whatever it is that makes us perceive anything. I believe it’s just the way reality works, that there is not much more to it. Maybe I’m wrong, but to understand more we will have to investigate, not cling to lies because they feel good.

I’m not saying I have any answers regarding metaphysics, but neither do anyone else. Maybe some day we will understand how our world works on a deeper level, but there will always be more to know. Any belief in divine entities is to surrender to ignorance. The illustration is an intent of a graphic description of how our invented answers usually are wrong. Reality is a lot more interesting than any ancient belief system.



Private Property


This is the sketch for my first post, The Apple Grove. I made the illustrations faster back then, and skipped the more finished pencil version.

The story is a about private property. Private property and national frontiers are more important in this world than human lives. Why?

Since the birth of early civilization, when private property emerged, it has dominated the world. The wealth of the rich, the power of the powerful. With the currant global system private property has become more sacred than ever, although there are practically no rational arguments why it should be like this.

The greed of a few is defended at the cost of hunger for the many, protected by laws made by leaders falsely justified by votes won by economic superiority.

Isn’t it time we tried something new?





Metapost Pesticide



This is the pencil version of the illustration for my earlier post Pesticide. The idea came to life debating the abuse of chemicals in industrial agriculture. Incredible amounts of pesticides is poured out every day with the one goal of killing certain species in vast numbers. I wanted to point out that changing the chemical and biological balance of nature can and probably will have unexpected consequences.