Crypto Art and Stories

I’m sorry I haven’t been publishing here lately, I’ve been too busy moving house and… (tataraaaa) making crypto art! I was invited to, a crypto art collectible card platform where you can sell unique copies of your artwork. Amazing stuff, new and refreshing.

So far I’ve published four cards, two of them with a fresh new story (which, avoiding cross posting I’m only publishing over there).

Here are the images, the first two some of you might remember from before, they are old illustrations retouched and adapted for the Paras format of 64×89.

The second two (they’re not actually published in this order, but to make things easier) are brand new, original illustrations with two new stories I published in the publication-section on the site.

The first one is a story of a magic forest, where a glow beast is being born, or rather created. It glows so strong, the forest is set on fire. It flies up towards the sky while Skyward and Root, two little creatures of the woods, runs for their lives.

It’s called Clearing of New Beginnings, or Birth of the Glow Beast which is the card’s name, and can be read here.

The second one  is about (surprise surprise!) death. More exactly death in a distant future when death has become a luxury, something people crave for, wait for and even apply for. John has finally gotten his application through, and starts his final journey… It’s called Only Only Way Out, the card Exit Life. 

So jump over and check it out. I’m having a ball publishing over there, and I’m even making a little money. Meanwhile I’m working on a story for which will be out soon.


  1. These are physical creations right? I recall you make use of specific watercolor styles. So, do you create these as scans? Or as digital-only versions? (I’m thinking that must use NFT and the blockchain in some way.)
    Regardless, good on you to branch out. Wishing you luck.


    1. Thanks, Anony!
      My illustrations are Chinese ink of which I take a photo (photos seem to keep the nuances better than scans) and work more on digitally in Photoshop or in its open source clone Gimp. The digital part has become more and more important over the years, but I always try to let it show the least possible, to keep the handmade style of it.
      You’re right, Paras is a NFT platform on the NEAR blockchain. I have been looking for something like this. A couple of years ago I was trying out several blockchain social networks, but none of the ones I found were too interesting. On Steemit, for example, you can make a bit of money from the traffik of the first week, but then you kind of lose control of your content. If it didn’t pay the first week, it won’t regardless of how much people were to read or like your post.
      This, however, is a lot cooler. You make the number of copies you want in one go, and then you sell them. If you want to keep one, you keep it. And they might get more valuable with time, and they might not, but they’re yours until you sell them.

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    1. Thanks! We’re still not finished! Quite a complicated movement, and a long story. Getting rid of a lot of stuff, moving some things to one place others to another, and even a third πŸ˜… We’re getting there though. We’re getting there

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