Trolls and Sorcery

Well, I’ve discovered a new world of art over at It’s working on the NEAR blockchain, which is fresh new from last year, and a more sustainable, greener blockchain ( I did some research on that, since the blockchain technology is known for using a lot of energy.) I do have a rather ecological mindset, as some of you might know, and was a bit worried about the ethics in what I was doing.

My last NFTs are these (click the images to see the cards):

Some of you will remember them, I’m sure. I’ve adapted my Troll-illustrations for the Paras format, and retouched them quite a bit. I made them into a collection I’ve called Fictionspawn Folklore (I’ll probably cut out the Fictionspawn in future collection names). I wrote a new story to them, as well. It’s called A Shared Meal, and is based on pieces from the three previous stories.

The fourth one was actually intended for this blog originally. but I ended up publishing it over there. I kind of had the idea that I needed to be as consequent there as I’ve been here in my active periods, but I’m not sure. Still learning the craft, which is different from the traditional blogging scene.

I had to stretch this one to make it fit, you can see both versions in the slide show above. 

I’m having a lot of fun over there, and I have some big plans for the coming weeks with more stories and illustrations more specially adapted to the new format. We’ve finally finished the moving as well. We have a great view now, which means a lot of inspiration, and with more time I should be able to get a new story out here as well. I have a little illustration lying around waiting to be used, so we’ll see when that happens.

These are the stories written for the troll illustrations earlier:

Future Meals

Sides of the Story

The Troll Who Sang a Song


    1. Hi Chris, sorry about the late answer, the comment seems to have slipped by without me noticing.
      I’ll try to explain in all my lack of knowledge. NFTs are Non- Fungible Tokens. The thing is there are cryptation behind which makes it impossible to copy (sure, you can make a screenshot, but you can not download the image as you can with traditional formats like .jpg. Shortly it works a bit like cryptocurrency, but it has an image on it (or a video, music,, text etc.).
      You can compare it bit to an artistic photo with a limited number of copies being sold for high prices because of the scarcity. The NFTs are created in the number the artist wants, and the price depends on number and collector’s value
      There will probably be a market for books and short stories as well, sooner or later. Keep your eyes open ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Thanks for the explanation! I sort of get it and I’ve seen some NFTs go for huge amounts… but its all virtual. Virtual art? That doesn’t quite make sense to me or can the buyers download? (Sorry, did I miss something?).
        Limited edition stories?? Mmm.
        Mind you money mostly doesn’t exist. Just numbers on a balance sheet. Still, if the NFT thing takes off like Bitcoin its good to get in first. Good luck with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Thanks!
          That is quite an interesting thing about it all, they can’t download and they can’t hide them. So the value is usually strictly in the human urge to own and collect… for now. But there are other uses, and more will come. Stay tuned next week, and I’ll show you an example ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. I checked out Looks like “N” are a curious currency. the site necessary to buy/sell “N” in order to deal on that site. I was stunned by the cost of some of those “sets”? or decks or whatever. Thousands of “N”s to buy one? What the hell? NFT’s, ah, not something I can swallow. You see, I’m still betting on the CME destroying the world’s electric grid and when that’s gone, so will be all money — of every kind.

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    1. Looking forward to that, but meanwhile we’ll just have to find ways to survive ๐Ÿ˜€
      Indeed, some of the prices are ridiculous. I haven’t seen that work on paras, though, although I know that NFT artworks by famous artists have been sold for thousands of dollars on other sites.

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