Postcards and Society

Flamenca in front of Alhambra. Aak fictionspawn

This is the first part of a postcard project I’m doing, to take advantage of the tourism in my home town. The castle you see in the back is the Alhambra, the centre of the ancient Al-Andaluz Arab kingdom of Granada. The one I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago.

I made the design for this one many years ago, reproducing postcards by hand and selling them on the street. I lived in a cave back then. No electricity. No installed water. No internet. I didn’t even own a phone until a friend of mine obligated me by giving me one. No bills. No rent. I didn’t even need money.

I was free.

They were good years, most of them. I had a little dog, the friendliest, most beautiful little dog there was. Then things went wrong.

You see things differently when you live like that. You see people differently. We mostly just do what’s expected of us, without asking why. Society is based on lies, really. Most of the things people think are important, don’t really matter at all.

I’m back, though. Back in society.

More or less.



  1. I wan to live like that, sometimes. In my country, is is just not possible. But would love to know for how long? Would love an elaboration on this past! 😊

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      1. 5 years seems the correct dose. Was talking about India. There’re a lot of problems here for survival if you desire to be an outcase, finding a good-paying work while on the roll, is difficult indeed.

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