A monster under a bridge. Aak fictionspawn.

He was a monster. He lived in a hole in the ground. His little hole was humid and dirty, full of fungus and worms, just the way he liked it. He was a monster, lived like a monster, and thought like a monster.

Today he was out walking in the woods. He liked to walk in the woods in the afternoon, when the sun was shining through the treetops, listening to the little birds sing, watching the squirrels play. He liked looking at them. Sometimes he killed one or two, just for fun. He was a monster, after all. He didn’t mean any harm. It just made him happy, that’s all.

He was sneaking up on a little deer when he heard something down on the path. He usually didn’t go down there, but the happy giggling of a little girl caught his attention. She sounded so cute, so sweet. He wanted to share her happiness.

He went closer. She was with her father, they were walking hand in hand, laughing, singing. He smiled. Love, how beautiful it was. They walked towards the little bridge crossing the waterfall.

That will be a good place to be happy, he thought. I’ll be just as happy as the little girl, even more.

He snuck down, went closer to the path. Jumped down into the river, and hid under the bridge.

Look, Daddy! He heard the little girl say. -A waterfall!

It sure is beautiful, her father answered.

The monster giggled in joy and expectation.

The two humans went out on the bridge.

Lift me up, Daddy!


Did you hear that? What a strange sound. It came from…

The monster jumped up on the bridge, grabbed the little girl. She screamed. Started crying. She wasn’t happy anymore, but he was. And happier he would be.

Her father grabbed a rock. -Let her go!

The monster laughed a joyful laughter. He threw the girl into the waterfall. Her father ran towards the fence. They could see her little body get crushed on the rocks further down.

The monster smiled. He was even happier than she had been. It had all been worth while.

Nooooooo!!! Her father was staring at the lifeless body going down with the stream.

You… You…

He attacked the monster. Hit him with the rock, over and over again. It tickled a bit. He liked it, it was fun. He decided to eat the father. That would be really nice. He grabbed him, opened his mouth.

He stepped on something. A snail on the ground. He slipped, fell out of the bridge, down into the waterfall. The river pulled him away, down into the forest.

The walk back up was long and hard. It was getting dark, and he was tired.

He saw something in a distance. Torches. The man had come back with more people.

Fire. He didn’t like fire. He didn’t like fire at all. He started walking away from them, into the woods.

There it is! Get it!

He ran through the bushes. The branches was cutting him as they got denser. It was more and more difficult to move. He could hear the humans up on the road, he could see fire further down. The torches were all around.

It’s in those bushes! Burn them! Kill it!

The dry grass was lit on fire. All around him he could see flames coming closer. He was trapped. The smoke made it hard to breath. He could feel the heat. The fire was everywhere.

He started digging. He dug and he dug, straight down. The fire caught the hair on his back. It burned his skin. He fell through.

He had found a tunnel. One of his own.

He ran down the hole. He could smell humid, dirty air coming up from deeper down. Just the kind he liked.

Soon he was home. He shut the door behind him. Lay down in the pile of rot he called his bed.

He was safe. He was happy. All in all the day hadn’t been too bad.



Blood of a Fairy


    1. Thanks! The language simplicity is a consequence of me writing in a language that’s not my first. I’m very *happy* to hear there has come something positive out of that 🙂


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