Blood of a Fairy

Blood of a Fairy.jpg

He took the little fairy out of the cage. She was gorgeous. Spectacular. The beautiful butterfly wings. Her big eyes with the long eyelashes. Her voluminous lips, her firm tits pushing against the tiny dress hardly covering her behind. A shame she was so small, if not he would have raped her first. He grabbed a knife. She fought all she could, but even his hand was bigger as her. He held her for a while, looking at her, adoring her. Enjoying her fear. She had tears in her eyes, which made her even cuter.

He had a bowl with all the ingredients in. Only one was missing. Her blood. Soon the potion would be his. He held her over the pot. Her screams amused him.

The wind opened the window. A swarm of fairies came swirling, a horde of little winged creatures. They threw some kind of powder at him. He tried to get them away, cut them with his knife, but they were too fast. The powde gave him a strange tingling sensation. He started giggling. Sneezing. Then he realized he was shrinking.

The knife got too big for his hand to hold, the fairy was soon as big as him. All of them were. They kicked his ass badly and left him bleeding on the floor.

He got up on his feet. He limped over the floor. He saw something move in a distance. Ramdal. His cat.

It was no longer afraid of him.

The game seemed to last for ever. The claws. The moments he tried to escape, only to get caught a moment after. Then it was all over.

Beauty and the Beast


  1. I know now why you wordpress site named by fiction spawn. Because you are absolute excellent for writing fiction stories. I am fascinated by this post. Professionally written, Aak fictionspawn! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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