Beauty and the Beast


She’s out looking for flowers when she finds the old castle. She’s never seen it before, and is intrigued. It’s half in ruins but parts are still standing. It’s very different from anything she’s ever seen. Tall halls, columns, beautiful art and sculptures.

She walks into the path between the fortress and the castle. Entered the big door to the living chambers. She had never seen anything like this. It must have been even more beautiful than her father’s castle once, and her father was king of the country.

Astonished she walks into the hall. It seems to be taken care of, somehow. The floor is clean, and there’s a cloth on the table. Does someone live here? She asks herself moving further into the room.

She hears someone coming. She hides between the barrels. Someone comes in. A shadow on the floor. Something huge, to big to be human.

He comes into sight. Or it. A monster. Hairy. Big. He has only pants on, his strong upper body is healthy, hairy. There is something about him. His monstrous aspect. His beastly, yet sensual way to move.

He walks into the room. Over to the big throne. He stops. Sniffs the air for a moment. He turns abruptly and stares right at her.

For a moment their eyes is locked in deep connection. There’s something behind the crazy animal stare. Something human. Soft. In one leap he catches her. His arms are strong, yet gentle. His smell is strong, but pleasant. She looks at him. His eyes has wonder in them. Her fear fades. His grip is soft. She can get loose if she wants, but she stays there. She has one hand on his chest. She can feel his heart beat. Fast. Strong. Persistent. She moves her fingers a bit.

He seems amazed by her forms, her curves. She likes his beastly attention. It turns her on. His eyes moves from her face to her body. His hands starts exploring her. She lets him go on. His hands are all over her. She forgets everything, lets herself go with lust and ecstasy. Her dress comes off. She wants him to see her. Smell her. Taste her. A moment she thinks about her father. If he’d seen her now, naked with this… creature. If his people had known. He would die. She loves it.

The beast’s member pushes against the textile of his pants. One of her hands is stroking it. It’s hard. Big. Too big, but she wants to see it. She pulls down his pants. An enormous cock comes out. She touches it, strokes it. Kisses it. He becomes a lamb in her hands. She’s naked with him. The beast.

Her lust and desire are mixed with fear. If he rapes her she will burst. She looks at his face. His eyes. She does not think he will. He picks her up. Starts touching her with his big hands. He turns her around. Starts kissing her neck. Her shoulder. He turns her again. She lets him control her. She’s his. His big mouth covers her breast completely. Kisses her stomach. His tongue up her ties, reaching her most intimate parts. She moans. Her back bends in a perfect curve. She has never felt a tongue like this. Big. Rough, yet soft. It enters, touches her deepest depths. She comes. Moaning. Screaming. They both are.

She moves down under him. His cock is almost as big as her. She holds both her arms around it. It rubs towards her face, her breast… her cunt. She comes again as his sperm pours out all over her. Her tits. Her face. It tastes good. Wild. Savage.

They lie on the rug, both exhausted. She’s stroking him, caressing him. She feels strange. Dirty, yet good. Complete somehow. They fall asleep.

She wakes up in his arms. A part of her has been hoping he’d turn into a prince or something. He was still the same. She kisses his lips. He makes a sound of pleasure and keeps sleeping. She leaves.

Running down the slope towards the city she knows she will be back. He might be a monster, his dick too big, but with a tongue like that, who cares.

Cold is a State of Mind



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