Dreams and Reality


I’ve always been writing and drawing and I’ve always been sceptical about editorial processes. Blogging is good that way. You can publish what ever you want and no one is going to tell you you can’t. A huge step for human kind.

I started this blog because I needed a change. My eternal graphic novel project did not seem to have an end, and until it’s finished very few people will read it. I was trying to make a living from artistic handicrafts. I’ll probably try again, but it’s complicated. Economically it worked out as long as I had my cave, but a major tragedy forced me to leave and threw me back into society. Having money at the moment made finding a rental flat the easy solution.

So here I am, writing and illustrating all the time. Cash is running out again, so I’ll have to figure things out. My dream has always been to make a living out of creating. Making a living working for some guy bossing me around so he or someone else can make a lot of money has not.

A middle road between dreams and reality might be a solution for now. Dreams will win eventually.



Fear of Strangers


  1. Good luck. It’s something I’m going to have to face up to later in the year. I had 17 years working as a journalist for a major corporation and the thought of going back to that gives me the shakes. If I can find a middle ground between earning enough to pay the bills while staying creative on my own terms, I’ll be happy. Keep creating and pushing 🙂

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  2. Yes, dreams will win eventually. I’ve left my job around half-a-year ago and now I’m striving will all my strength to complete my first books, with the uncertainty of future, but my heart light and joyous to be doing what I love.

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