The Big One

Written and illustrated by ashnfinn, reblogged from Ash N. Finn.

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Ash N. Finn

Make it stop. It’s coming closer and closer, and it’s making a terrible noise with its spindly legs on the wooden floorboards. A human-like inhuman screeching.

“What is it,” he asks, “I don’t hear anything.”

There is never a moment of silence, she answers. It’s the big one today. Sometimes it has another one with it, a smaller one. Sometimes it’s only the smaller one on its own. I don’t mind the smaller one so much. It doesn’t screech, it sort of mumbles, and it stops when I look at it. It’s the big one today. The big one scares me. It’s coming closer. Make it stop.

“What is it? I don’t see anything. How can I stop something I can’t see?”

She grabs his arm.

“Ooh, your hand is cold!”

He shivers and tries to pull away from her.

No, it isn’t. You feel so hot, like you’re burning…

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