Death to the Metal Monster


A monster! Shouted the squirrel. A monster has destroyed the southern holt!

The moose came running. Even the fox forgot it’s gluttonism and stopped trying to kill anyone. The squirrel was right. There was a huge metallic monster destroying the trees and ground. It had some kind of arm it used dig up everything. A monster of destruction.

This is horrible, said the moose with shaking voice. It’s even bigger than me!

There were humans as well. They seemed to control the monster somehow. They had to be stopped.

The next day there was an explosion. Under huge rubber things the rocky ground was destroyed. Animals fled into the forest in terror. The squirrel did not. Her tree was already destroyed, but she had acorns hidden all over the area. This could not be. The monster had to be stopped at any cost.

The squirrel was torn. The fox observed. He usually was quite a threat, but there were more important things to do now than to eat.

The red sticks, said the fox thoughtful. The red sticks seem be what blows up. If we could use them against the monster… The humans have some kind of strings attached to them. If you could move them when they are about to blow…

The next day the humans put out the rubber stuff again. Underneath there was blow up sticks.

Now! Said the fox.

The moose ran into the area. Jumping, kicking. The humans ran around, hushing him away with spades.

The squirrel went down under the rubber to get them. Pulled them out. The metal monster was standing further down the path. It seemed to be sleeping. The squirrel ran down threw put it under the metal monster.

The fox was watching attentively.

The moose ran into the forest. The humans seemed to calm down.

Ok, let’s get back to work. Said one, seemingly the leader.

The men went back to their hiding places by the monster. One of them pushed a lever.

In a huge bang the monster burst. The men around it flew, torn to pieces. Metal chards fell around the three animals watching. Then there was silence.

The Fox grabbed a human leg. Thanks Squirrel! he said. See you around! He disappeared into the forest.

One of the workers was alive. He picked up something from his pocket and spoke into it, crying. Other metal monsters came, smaller ones. Humans helped the metal monsters eat the dead and injured humans. Then the metal monsters left.

Humans came back every once i a while. Looking at things, bringing things with them. The destruction did not continue. Squirrel’s acorns were saved.

Cold is a State of Mind



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