Yes, Mr Boss

Yes, Mr. Boss

You’re fired! Shouted the man in the suit. His name was Mr Mandoir, and he was the head of the company. He had been for many years. He was stinking rich, but still his life sucked. He liked to take it out on his employees.

Please, Mario pleaded. Please don’t, I really need the job!

Mr Mandoir looked at him for a while. Contemplating his fear. Then he grinned.

Clean my personal toilet and get back to your desk. I’ll let you off the hook this time, but this is your last warning.

Mario hated his boss and his boss hated him. Then again, his boss seemed to hate everyone.

Mario moved papers. The bottom of the office hierarchy, he basically did what everyone told him to. A shitty job but he needed the money. Flat rent and bills was mostly were it went.

Still, there was nothing in his contract about cleaning toilets. He got up from the chair and started walking towards the bathroom.

The only reason I don’t fire you is because of that nice ass of yours! His boss laughed. Mario  wasn’t sure he could take much more of this.

The bathroom was disgusting. He’d heard of this. Mr Mandoir kept his bathroom disgusting for these occasions. Others had been in the same situation before him. He had thought it was a myth, but now he saw it wasn’t. He opened the window, tied his shirt around his mouth and nose and started cleaning.

After a whole lot of horrible work, the bathroom was looking like a normal one. He was about to close the window when he saw a scorpion crawling on the edge. A lethal black scorpion. He almost touched it, just a strike of luck saved him. He looked to the door. His boss was not in. He went out into his office, got a glass jar and a glue tube. He lured the scorpion very carefully into the jar. Spilled a little bit of glue underneath the toilet seat. Then he held the jar to the seat.

His boss came into the office.

Still not finished, you lazy son of a bitch? Get out of there, or I’ll fire you again. I need to take a shit.

He stuck his head into the bathroom. Mario grabbed the cloth and pretended to be cleaning the toilet, hiding the jar as well as he could.

Just finishing off the toilet, sir, he said. Coming right out!

You better.

The boss went back into his office.

The scorpion was stuck. Carefully Mario put the seat down. All you could see was the tip of the tail looking for something to sting.

Mario went out. All ready, boss! I hope you’ll be satisfied!

Get back to your desk and back to work, said Mr Mandoir. This is the last chance you’ll get.

Mario got out of the office as fast as he could and started walking down the hall. A scream was heard.

His boss died from the sting. No one ever found out that the crushed scorpion under the seat was glued there.

The week after they got a new boss. He was an asshole as well.

Death to the Metal Monster



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