They are beasts, said commander Johnson. They don’t use objects, they don’t speak, they don’t even seem to move. Their probably just as stupid as the animals on earth.

Not all the animals are that st… Started second commander Tracy.

Stupid animals, that’s what they are. Get rid of them.

There is a theory they have a high level of communication. The changing colours in their many eyes seem to be a form of higher communic…

They are beasts, I tell you. Humans are the superiour species in the universe. We exterminate.

Second commander Tracy wasn’t fond of the idea, but the ship had a strict herarchy. An order was an order.

Palebluishgreen watched the sky as the many spaceships came towards them on the sky. They were coming down from the great big ship they had seen circling their planet for several days now, and the days on Gringam lasted a long time.

These creatures do not come in peace, his colours signaled to his friend Darkbrown. Something has to be done.

Palebluishgreen was of the elder of the Mergam clan. He was highly intelligent, as the older colour creatures always were. He was capable of understanding most things out of observation, intuition and rational thinking. In that order.

I know, his friend answered. Darkbrown was a lot younger than Paleblueishgreen, and a lot more agile. He even moved every once in a while, and we’re not talking just moving a tentacle or two, but moving his whole body inches in one direction or another.

Somehow they are dependent of their metallic material to move effectively, said Palebluishgreen. They shouldn’t be too hard to stop. They’re obviously rather stupid, depending on material things and longing for power. Rather primitive their ways.

Without doubt, said Darkbrown. Kind of funny to watch their thoughts, though. They have an interesting belief that they somehow are superior to others.

I’ll signal the Great Greyallmostblack the situation. He’ll know what to do.

As the spaceships got into attacking position, the colour creatures all over the planet united in meditation.

They are getting ready to attack, said Paleblueishgreen. How predictable.

Commander Johnson looked satisfied. As soon as they’d wiped out life on the surface, they could get the gold and other metals in the ground. He was going to be rich.

The floor inside the ship moved strangely, bulging, as if it was soft. The walls started becoming transparent. He drew his gun, but it wasn’t really a gun, it was more of a liquid substance running out of his hand. Everything around him dissolved into thin air.

They fell naked and helpless towards the ground. Before hitting ground they stopped falling. For a while they hovered in the air. Next thing they knew they were back at the mothership.

Now what? Said second commander Tracy. All our gunpower is gone, and we have only one vessel left. Not much for a conquest, really.

Commander Johnson had a hard time looking at him. Nakedness wasn’t really his thing. He said nothing, just stood there, looking confused.

What if we try to make friends? Said Tracy after a while.

Commander Johnson sat his naked butt down in a chair. He looked like he was going to cry. He straitened his back and looked straight at Tracy, avoiding his genitals as much as he could.

Why not, he said. Why not.



  1. Reminds me of a first season episode of the original Star Trek series called “Errand of Mercy”. A supposedly primitive society is really a highly advanced race, and when the Federation and the Klingons try to use their planet to stage an interstellar war, the “primitives” convert their humanoid bodies to pure energy and stop both space fleets dead across hundreds of light years. They force a peace on the Federation and the Klingons whether they want it or not. Kirk was pissed.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Sounds like an interesting episode, I haven’t seen it. When I see how we humans treat each other and other species here on earth I wonder how we would treat the inhabitants of another planets. Probably not good. I think the more different they would be from us, the less respect we would have. Which is not good at all.


      1. I think the film “Avatar” also speaks to your points. I hope that humans who explore other planets will be of the mindset to respect all forms of life they encounter. In fact, I’m pretty sure tons and tons of exobiologists would go berserk if they didn’t.

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        1. The commander in my story probably is a bit inspired by the one in avatar, even though I didn’t really see the connection until after he was created. Let’s hope you are right, and that we will not repeat the same mistakes we’ve done at home exploring new worlds.


  2. You did a good job artistically (visually), before the written story (yes, also creative arts), of getting across the empathic ability of the creatures, as Tracy saw.

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  3. Gunpowder. How primitive lol. I’d like to have a cup of chai with Paleblueishgreen. I get this feeling I’d learn more about our existence in one conversation with him than ten lifetimes on Earth.

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