Ronald came out of the cinema. There was something strange in the sky today. Small lights were dancing around, and they weren’t stars. Other people seemed to have noticed as well, everyone was looking up at the sky.

He went home, turned on the news. Alien invasion, they said. Creatures from outer space had arrived to visit earth. Presidents, kings and governments all over the world told people to stay calm.  There was no evidence the creatures meant us no harm. Never the less, there was no evidence on the contrary either.

The day after the clouds were hanging high, and one could see the little spaceships. They were about the size of a little house, but they seemed even smaller. Lots of people were studying them with different kinds of binoculars. They came in pairs, and there were reports on encounters in important capitals around the globe.

Later that afternoon they came down towards the ground. Every military force on earth were put in alert. No one really knew what could happen. If they had come all this way their weapons were probably a lot more advanced than ours. War could be our doom, still the debate on whether or not we should attack first was everywhere.

The spaceships landed. The world held it’s breath. The most important moment in history was upon us. Religious leaders preached, some of doom, others of the second coming. Most of them told people to stay calm. Some fanatics wanted to destroy them all.

Ronald had taken the bus into town to see the landing. His astonishment and curiosity was stronger than his fear, but he didn’t want to go too close either. There were soldiers surrounding the ship. It didn’t seem like a good idea to Ronald, but no one would listen to him. A door opened in the vehicle.

A creature was seen in the door. It’s body were moving in strange ways, like some kind of contradictory solid liquid. It’s colour was strange, grey and changing. It raised one of it’s strange, formless arms. We come in peace, it said. We have knowledge that can get your world back on track. Technology that can solve all your….

The officer in charge lifted his hand. Said a command. A gunshot was fired. 

Liquid came out of the bullet hole in the creature. Red liquid, almost like our own blood. It fell to the spaceship floor. The door closed and the spacecraft disappeared in thin air. All of them did. They were never seen again.

In Galaxy M81 the spaceships returned home. Rombak the Spiritual Guide greeted them honourably. So, how did it go? He said.

You were right, answered Groomgnat the excursion leader a bit ashamed. Humans suck.

Monsters from space


  1. I have to agree; humans do indeed suck. Fun story, and amazing illustration, as always. I wish I could make lines and colours happen on a page so that they don’t look like the dog barfed up last night’s spaghetti. 😦

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  2. Just to play the other side of the coin, when the alien suggested that technology would solve all our problems, maybe we realized that technology, at least some of it, has contributed to damaging our planet. Soldier’s nipped the problem in the bud, I’d say.

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