George was working on a formula to revive dead biological tissue. Cells, basically. He had taken his work home today, he needed some peace and quiet to keep working.

He was working in his home laboratory, cleaning jars and glasses with ammoniac when he spilled some in his work. The reagents tube started boiling, releasing a strange green smoke.

Fuck! Said George. I need to get this out of here. He took the glass and opened the window running. He inhaled some of the smoke. It burned his throat. He tripled. The glass left his hand and went out of the window. Shit! He said. Well, it was destroyed anyway. He looked out. Under the window there was a pile of garden waste. Grass, sticks and leaves.

He felt a bit odd from the smoke. He went out to get some air in case it was toxic.

His garden was a mess. Rubbish all around, and the lawn needed to be mowed. He went into the garage and got his lawn mower to get the best out of the situation. The lawn mower was a gift from the company a year ago. Ramaha 3000 turbo. The best there was.

The lawn mower was great. Smooth and powerful. The noise made everything else seem quiet. The sun was shining. the garden smelled of fresh, green grass. Behind him something was moving in the garden waste.

The lawn mower stopped. Out of gas, he says out loud. That sucks. A shadow covered him. He turns slowly around. A monster of leaves, grass and sticks raised from the pile, double the size of any human stood over him in.

Instinctively he lifted the grass mower up. It caught a piece of the monster. Screaming it was turned into small pieces of wood and grass pouring out on the lawn. As it fell to the ground George passed over the falling rubbish. Soon the monster was totally mowed.

Phew! Said George. That was close! He looks around. But what was that..? Uh. Of course. It worked! So ammoniac was the missing ingredient… what a surprise. I’m going to be famous! And rich!

He hears strange sounds around him. Up from the grass rises little grass monsters from the rests of the big one.  The other rubbish joined in. A lot of rubbish. The garden crawled with monsters. Grass monsters, wooden stick monsters, flower monsters. He ran for the door but it was to late. His screams could be heard all over the neighbourhood.

The Cockroach Man in the Darkness Lurks


    1. I’m not familiar with the book but it looks interesting. My story is inspired by the movie Re-animator, (full movie at the Youtube link) which has a similar plot as Frankenstein, but based on a series written by Lovecraft. Somehow the garden rubbish idea occurred to me, and I had Marjory the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock in mind writing it. Jim Henson has been an inspiration to me ever since childhood.


  1. Oh… correction (on the second title)
    — from Muppet Wiki:

    … derived from the Fragglish word “to wemble,” meaning “going to and from between two things without being able to make up your mind.” In the language of the ancient Fraggles, “Wembley” means “No scratch nose in public.” So, Wembley.

    I’m feeling a bit like him in terms of his allergies [there’s a list mostly involving junk in the air] as I’ve been participating in cleaning my dad’s garage and basement…
    and laundry room, slash, pantry.

    Dad actually has rocks in his basement.
    (They might be petrified. I’ll have to look into it.)

    There is also his own art (2&3-D) worth suffering through.

    On Trash Heap, pretty much “no comment.” A few thoughts, though.

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    1. Thank you for this interesting information, Marleen. One of the things that make Jim Henson so great is the detailed background work. Thanks for reading, too:)


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