The Cockroach Man in the Darkness Lurks


Peter didn’t clean much. His house was always a mess, and his kitchen was disgusting. Every time he turned on the lights, the cockroaches crawled. Everywhere, running around on the floor looking for darkness. Moving away from him, towards him.

Today there was something different. Just when he turned on the lights something fled under the bench. Something else. He didn’t really see it, it was too fast, but it looked like an… arm? He wasn’t sure.

Has to me my imagination, Peter thought. Shrugged it off. No one would fit underneath the bench. The crack was just a couple of inches. He went into the living room, brushed the leftovers from dinner off the sofa, sat down and turned on the TV.

Later he went into the kitchen again. The lights was out. He would have to change the light bulb. He got a flash light and went over to the drawers. He could see the creeps fleeing the light from his torch as it moved around, hear the crunching sound of cockroaches under his feet.

He opened the drawers where the light bulbs were. There was an old sandwich there, he took it out and threw it on the floor. Kept looking.

Something grabbed his ankle. A hand. Frightened he moved the light down. A hand covered with cockroaches was holding on to him. The light made it pull back, still attached to his ankle. Peter fell, the torch bounced a few meters. Cockroaches everywhere. The hand pulled him under the bench, even though the crack was too small for him to go under. He held on to the edge. The hand kept pulling. Another hand grabbed his other leg. The cockroach man was too strong. He pulled him under and into the walls.

Peter was stuck between the walls. The cockroach man was lying over him, holding him tight with his arms. A gruesome face, parts of the skin eaten. Cockroaches coming out of his mouth and nose. Peter could not move at all. Cockroaches was nibbling his skin. Crawling over him, under him. Entering his nostrils, his ears, into his mouth as he screamed, spitting, coughing.

The cockroach man started sucking on his jaw. Peter tried to get loose but there was no way. He screamed and screamed, choking on cockroaches going down his throat. Soon the cockroach man had all his face in his mouth. He died, drowned in claustrophobic terror

The End of Days


  1. Den kakkerlakkmanngreia var en advarsel til alle som ikke holder orden hjemme, kunne oppfattes som en dommedag over de ureinslige (og syndige?). Skikkelig svovelprediken…
    Likte den , sjøl om den kunne oppfattes moralistisk, men bedre parodisk over alle dommedagsprofeter…

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  2. Ugh. Completely, horrible… even just the picture.

    I have an aunt who has always kept her home completely clean, all the time. One evening, when I was very young, we were sitting on the couch, eating cake or cookies or something that easily puts off crumbs. Someone dropped a few crumbs — and suddenly a few roaches ran out. I didn’t notice them at first, because I wouldn’t have been expecting something like that. But my aunt, and her twin sister (my mom) were hopping up and figuring out what to do. I don’t think this was previously completely unknown to my aunt.

    She (and the rest of her family) moved out of that house (I don’t know how many years later, not many) because her husband took a job in Florida. Roaches there are bigger. I don’t know whether or not they had them there.

    We went to visit them, but I only remember roller-skating.

    They lived in Florida for a year. They never had roaches again.

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  3. I once went to an old theatre with character, as they say, to see Joe Bonamassa. A historical building… used for common concerts. A place where they serve alcohol and let you take it to your seat; which I now think is a highly questionable practice, although they probably sell more tickets that way and stay in business. But the reason I’m thinking it’s not so great to do is that when we got to our seats, front row, center, and the guy I was with headed back out to get a drink, I spotted a roach on the edge of the stage right in front of me. I mean, it was right in front of me. I almost couldn’t believe it. It seems to me a nice place like that should be able to figure out a way to control such a thing. But maybe people have thrown up their beer a few times too many. I had to go through a decision-making process on the spot.

    Could I stand to be there with that thing on the premises? Were there more? Would any be out or come out into the seating area? What’s the worst that could happen? I really wanted to be able to see this show. I decided to keep my eye on the creature and see where it headed. The guy I was with came back and leaned on the stage. I said, “Don’t lean on the stage.” He started to set his drink on the floor. I said, “Don’t put your drink on the floor.” I told him I saw a roach. He kept his drink in his hand. Then I saw the foe crawl toward and then through some kind of grating about a foot away from the corner of wood platform from which it’d crept. I felt a little better, but I knew it was still around. I still had to make a decision. I just made sure not to touch the stage, but I otherwise put it out of my mind and totally enjoyed that show.

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  4. I think one also needs to be very, very observant when buying (or choosing to rent) a home. These guys can be in the walls or something.

    (Also, you wouldn’t want to be liable for a pre-existing infestation.)

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  5. You posted this on my birthday ^_^. Cockroaches freak me out. So did this story. Very well done. The image is going to haunt me. I’m over here doing the “get the bugs off me” dance now. Lol

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        1. I like your question. I usually make them simultaneously, letting both affect the other. This one in particular I started out making a fast draft of the story and then made some sketches. I had a hard time getting the hand right, and an even harder time drawing the cockroaches. I remember suffering a lot that day;) The drawing is usually finished before the story, but the story needs to be planned before the drawing is finished, in case I invent something that does not fit the drawing. The story is easier to change and adapt. Hope you had a nice birthday:)

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        2. That’s amazing. You’re very talented. I can’t draw at all lol. Drawing hands and faces are typically hard, but you did a good job. Your pain was worth it. 🙂 I look forward to viewing and reading your work. And I did. Thank you.

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