Monsters From Space


Juan and Guillermo were walking home from school when something small fell from the sky. They looked at it. An egg-shaped metallic object was lying on the ground in front of them. They looked up. It had fallen from clear blue skies. Not even a bird could be seen.

Juan picked it up.

Not a scratch! I wonder what it is? With one thrust a sharp tag cut through the shell of the egg. Hard as steel it almost impaled his hand. He dropped the egg. It fell to the ground and a small creature crawled out of it. It resembled a mix of spider and insect with a shell that looked like it was made of metal. It disappeared into the bushes.

Lise stood in her shop and dreamed away. It had been bad with customers today, but it suited her fine, it gave her the opportunity to travel in her mind. She sat and looked emptily out the window with her back to the door.

She heard the familiar ringing sound of customers coming in. Pling! She turned, but there was no one there. The door shut. She looked out, no one in sight. Strange. Then she heard a crawly sound on the floor. She leaned over the counter to see. Nothing. She froze. Something was crawling fast up her leg. It reached her thigh before she could react. She screamed, got to her feet, kept hold of where it had managed to get to. Something sharp cut into her skin and continued upward on the inside. The pain went deep into her soul. Then it was over.

President Joe sat in his office. Counsellor Marty came storming in. The two had kept in touch since elementary school. Now Joe was elected and Marty had a brilliant career.

Joe! Ahem, I mean Mr. President! We have incoming reports of monsters killing people! A monster was killed in New York by a policeman, another in Pennsylvania by a civilian. The monsters managed to kill several people in both places, and it has come in reports of similar killings in several other places!

Monsters? What are you saying, Marty? They must be some kind of animals? Or machines?

If they are machines, they are much more complex than anything we’ve seen, Sir! And if they are animals, they can not be classified as any animal we know of. They seem to be extraterrestrial beings!
Joe ran to his desk and picked up the phone. Red alert! We are
being invaded!

Juan entered the door. His sister was sitting in a chair in the living room watching TV. Look at this! She almost shouted. It was a footage from Japan. A monster the size of a man killing people in Tokyo. Panic. Then the monster was shot. The newswoman talked about hundreds of reports around the world. They saw clips from the United States. Scandinavia. A young girl had been cut to pieces in a store in Norway. Incoming news: Spain. Mallorca.

Santa Eugenia! Juan jumped. It was the neighbouring village. Suddenly he understood the connection. He had seen the monster earlier that evening. It was real. Now it had obviously grown. It had killed five people in the village and disappeared into the night.

They heard a loud squeaking sound outside. The door was smashed to splinters. The monster came screaming into the house with knife-like forelimbs lifted for attack. The sound hurt their ears. The sound of terror. Juan grabbed a chair and threw it against the monster. It seemed to be hurt, pulled back slightly before it slid towards him at full speed. Juan avoided a cut from one of the blades. It went through the wall and got stuck. Juan struck. He struck and he struck and he struck. The monster‘s head cracked. Yellow liquid flowed out. It dropped to the ground. A disgusting sound of suffering came from what was left of it’s head. Then it died.

What is it?! What the fuck is it?!

On the news US President Joe Cage held speech. The planet was under attack. Humanity had to stick together. Juan and Maria stared at the screen as two idiots. The clips continued from around the world.

After the speech Joe and Marty stared blankly into the air. They had sought refuge with the rest of the government and the top military in a top secret bunker. The war was initiated. US troops were called home to defend the country, but it was too late.

The monsters appeared everywhere. They became more and more. After some days it was raining eggs. They killed at will. They were easy to stop, but they were too many. One country after another got their defence annihilated. States fell. The reports stopped. Then there was silence.

After a long time without news Joe and company dared to go out. The bunker was located inside a mountain on a lakeside. They were about two hundred people. Not a sound. Nothing to see. It was over. An attack from outer space to stop humanity. In little pockets here and there they started to build a new world.

Ten years after, they still live there in the bunker. They cultivate the soil outside and go fishing. The monsters disappeared just as suddenly as they had arrived. What were they? Why had they come? Joe pondered a lot about it. It seemed they had come to stop humanity. Prevent us destroying the planet we live on.

Juan is looking out on the scenery. The monsters had suddenly stopped falling from the sky when the slaughter was on it’s peak. They had in a matter of months died out completely. They were short lived and vulnerable, but managed to eradicate the vast majority of the island population before they left. A few survivors here and there, but it was quiet. Some have travelled to the mainland. They say the bloodshed had been even worse there. No one knows much about the rest of the world. The wounds have healed and although the scars can be painful, a new era has begun.

The Apple Grove



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