Carpe Diem (The War of Cats and Wolves)

Carpe Diem.jpg

The wolves were attacking. They were fierce. They were many. Ever since the humans disappeared the cats had been controlling the cities. The wolves had been controlling the forests, and the woods lay between the towns. For generations the forests had been a no go zone, and the wolves had become more and more powerful.

The army of dogs stood no chance against the savage wolves. They were stronger, smarter and more. If the dogs fell, the cats would no longer be protected. Maybe they would be able to defend the buildings. Maybe not.

Rattam and Rattulf were standing on one of the more worn buildings, a bit outside of the town centre. The cats usually didn’t go here, it was a hard area to move in. The rats had their ways, their secret little roads through pipes and holes.

They’re losing. The dogs are dying. The cats are losing their grip.

Good, Ratulf said. The wolves are dangerous creatures, but they’re easier to handle than the cats.

They jumped into the old toilet on the edge of the floor. The tube underneath was hanging out of the fallen part of the building, and it moved as the two rats hurried down the tunnel, down to the ancient sewers.

Rattenga was waiting. Thousands of rats were waiting with him.

It’s time, Rattulf said.

I see. Rattenga looked at the crowd. Lets move.

The rats started running. They ran through tunnels and holes, moving fast where other creatures couldn’t. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousand of rats. No one had ever bothered to count.

The cats’ central control was sitting on top of an old skyscraper, or what was left of it. Uncountable generations had gone by since mankind destroyed themselves. Things had changed, but monuments of their civilization still remained.

The dogs are dying, said Cattast.

Catty was looking at the slaughter on the ground. There has to be something we can do! The despair in her voice cut into Cattast’s heart.

We need to stay here. We can’t take the wolves, we were counting on the dogs for that part. Maybe if we stay up here, the wolves will pull back.

We won’t have anywhere to go… Catty looked at the massacre underneath them. The dogs fought bravely, but there was no longer any hope.

There was a strange sound coming from a hole in the floor. Catty moved closer.


Pouring up from the hole came a wave of rats. She jumped on them, started viciously ripping them to pieces as she always did whenever she saw them. They all did, but the rats kept coming. On the buildings around them the same thing was happening. They could hear screams.

The rats were everywhere, biting scratching. Dying in big number, cut to pieces, falling out of the edge, but new ones kept coming.The cats fell. From hundreds of old buildings around the city cats fell towards the ground where the wolves were raping the last of the dogs. It was an easy match. Another massacre. Soon it was all over.

The city of cats had been standing for thousands of years, ever since the time when they didn’t even speak. The wolves rested on the ground, licking blood off their lips. Laughing, howling, celebrating their victory. The cats were gone. The higher floors belonged to the rats now, like the sewers had since the beginning of times.

Rattenga ant Rattulf were watching the wolves devour the cat cadavers.

So what do we do with them? Rattulf asked.

We avoid them, said Rattenga thoughtful. We avoid them as we always did.

Some day things might change again.


Do You Want to Know the Future?

Do You Want to Know the Future?.jpg

Today was Saturday, so he had all the day to do whatever he wanted. A fair was in town, so he stopped by it. He went alone. His friends were rather boring and only wanted to stay home and play video games.

He’s walking around, looking. People throwing stuff at tin cans to win stuffed animals. Music from loudspeakers, music from carousels, all mixed in a symphony of noise. Children everywhere, parents trying to keep track of them. Colours. Lights.

An old gypsy-woman comes walking up to him.

Do you want to know the future? Her eyes are glaring. He doesn’t want to know the future, and he definitely does not believe she could tell him. Here! A gift! He doesn’t want the gift, either. Usually they want something in return in his experience. He backs away. She grabs his hand and puts something in it. Be careful!

She disappears into the crowd.

He stood there, looking for her. She was gone. In his hand he held a crystal ball. Round and beautiful, the size of a big marble. It had small facets, plain surfaces, all the same size and form. Inside he could see something move, like if it had life. He peered closer.

He sees himself. He’s running down a slope. He has the same clothes he’s wearing right now. He falls, stays on the ground holding his hands on his leg. It seems to be broken.

This was either some kind of joke, or he just saw the future. He didn’t want that future, but the crystal ball was awesome.

He left the carnival. It had been fun for a while, but now he was tired. He wanted to go home. He wanted to get back to where he was living.

He started walking down the slope towards town, when he realized it was the slope from the vision. The slope he’d seen himself run down, where he’d fall and break his leg.

Haha! I’ve outsmarted you this time, future! He takes another way, crossing the big national road. He’s halfway across when he hears a loud low-frequence motor humming accompanied with a deep beeping sound. He turns. He sees a trailer coming at him at high speed. It’s the last thing he ever sees.

The crystal ball flew out of his hand and landed unharmed in the grass on the other side.

The End of Days

Dystopia Pt 3/3

Dystopia Pt3

First part. Second part.

The park was as beautiful as always. Kids playing, adults chatting. Life had become so easy. Tanya was sitting on the bench watching actors doing a play. Real art, art created for the art itself, not to survive, not to make money. Her teddy was lying on the bench beside her. She was laughing, applauding.


Malak got up between the assembly lines. Gunshots. He ran, stepping on toys and things going down the line. Drones were coming after him. At the end of the line there was an opening. He could see the dark sky. He ran towards the edge.

In a distance he could see the cotton fields. Where there once had been people living, cultivating food for their families, now there was cotton as far as the eye could see. Enormous machines were harvesting. Any living creature entering would be killed.

Far underneath he saw robots working. Transport vehicles going out through the highly guarded gate. The fall was too high. He turned, wanting to run back, but the drones were coming. A machine gun pointed right at him.

He fell over the edge.


I forgot my teddy bear!

We can’t go back now, there’s no time. Grandma’s waiting.

But I really liked him…

Don’t worry, sweetheart. We can always buy you a new one.


Mika’s mother was standing by her kitchen. Tears were running down her cheeks. If the poor child wasn’t back by now, he probably wouldn’t be. How could she send a child on such a dangerous mission? Regrets. Shame. She heard the hatch open.

Malak. He had fallen in the transport vehicle, the toys had reduced his fall. The drones had not been able to detect him underneath them. He had scratches and wounds all over, and his clothes were even worse than when he left, but he was whole and alive.

He had a metal lever in one hand, the broken piece to the electricity generator. In the other he held a teddy bear.

A brown one with a red band around it’s neck.

Dystopia Pt 2/3

Dystopia Pt2.jpg

First part of the story can be found here.

Malak went over the field. It was dark, but the dry sand did not give much shelter. He got closer. There was a hole in the fence. He went through it.

A killer robot came by. In a distance he could see the flying ones. He was more scared of the walker, even though the flying ones were usually more dangerous. They moved almost like humans.

He got closer to the big factory building. He moved close to the ground so the robots would not see him. Some had lights in front, they were the easy ones to avoid. Others could see in the dark. He got in where the cotton entered the building. He jumped onto the assembly line and let himself be pulled in.


All the presents was lying in a big pile in her room. She had so many things she didn’t even have room for them any more. That’s the way life should be, as far as she knew.

Today she was going to the park with her mum and dad. They did that a lot. People mostly did what they wanted, no one hardly worked any more. There was no need.

She brought her little teddy, her new favourite toy.


Knives cutting the cotton. They were getting closer. Fast. He crawled the opposite way on the band, but not fast enough. A gap on one side, passing by, just for a moment. He jumped in.

He came out under the lines. There were robots everywhere. Some seemed harmless, working, moving things. Others he knew from before. He moved under the lines until he found the machine Mika’s mother had told him about.

He started screwing off the screws. Removed a plate on the side. There it was, the piece she had shown him. He got it out. The machines stopped.

Alarm. He hurried towards the hole he’d come in from. A robot blocking his way. Two drones were moving in under the assembly lines.

To be concluded tomorrow.

Ant Wars

Ant Wars

The ants were crawling all over him. Their bites stung deep into his flesh, the pain floated through his veins, etching him from within.

Nooo! Get them off me! Aaaaahhh!

Everyone else was screaming the same way. There was no one to help. No escape.

A species of ants had started appearing around the globe. It had it’s origin in South America, but it was seen everywhere. It had been spreading with the planes, it seemed. Somehow the species was getting attracted to human transport.

They seemed to adapt well to almost any climate. Everywhere they were reproducing at a high speed. They invaded houses and trees. Soon the situation was declared a global crisis, but it was too late.

The ants had a new kind of acid. It seemed to be invented, not evolved. The ants shoved no other signs of elevated intelligence. They were just ants. Ants with a new invention. A new way of surviving.

One day they attacked. Everywhere at once.

He was lying on the floor. The strong acid was destroying his internal organs. The pain started withering away with everything else.

Some called it a war, but it was a massacre. Mankind was no longer the dominant species of this world. Humans were once again on the edge of extinction.

Mantis Religiosa




Brownie was looking out of the hole in the wall.

It’s coming this way!

Don’t worry, said Daddy. The trap should take care of it.

I think it’s sad, though, said Spot. They seem quite intelligent.

They’re dangerous, my love, said Mommy. They would kill us if they had the chance. Just look at the size of it.

Not so many generations ago, the tall ones were the ones to kill rats all the time. The mass instinct ion of our species has made us strong. Now the tables are turned.

Is it true that our ancestors didn’t even speak? Said Brownie.

It is true, said Daddy.

But what happened?

No one really knows, said Mommy. We seem to have evolved out of need. Humans tried to exterminate all the rats in the world. They almost did, too. But nature has it’s ways sometimes. For generations only the most intelligent rats survived. Then everything changed.

Now humans are the pests, and we have one in our house.

A smack was heard outside of the hole.

And now we don’t.

Deep Sea Adventurers

A Destructive Solution

A Destructive Solution

The world lived in peace now. Freedom was the new way. Freedom and equality. Finally.

Jerome was happy. He lived with his friends and family in an old castle. There were other families too. Other groups in other parts. Once the castle belonged to a duke. The awakening had changed the world. When the world had been at the border of total destruction from war and ecological collapse mankind had understood how to live together. How to share the world.

But far away a threat had awoken. A threat to the new way, a dark force were claiming the right to suppress others, to deprive others their land and their resources. A movement from the old days. Once it had been called fascism.

Carl was his name. He was from the north. He had revoked the old ways of egoism. And now he was on his way to the castle Jerome called his home.

The castle was next on the list. It seemed to be important to Carl, his family used to own it, they used to own all the land. They used to be rich, while the people living on this land were starving. Now he wanted it back.

What do we do? Rebecca said. They have an army!
Jerome did not know what to answer. He went down to the library in the basement.

He looked in old books. He looked in old files in the computer systems, computers older than his grandfather. Files downloaded from the long gone internet. He found it. A solution.

He knew where the army was coming from. They slaughtered anyone who opposed to their laws, to their system. He went in his old vehicle. After a while he saw the smoke from the fires. He knew there was death. Violence. For the first time in this century. They still had not arrived at his destination. There was still time.

He got there before them. The old military installation. He went in. Once the most protected place in the land. Now the land was no longer suppressed. No one was in charge. He went into the hanger. He had the old map drawn down from the screen. He found it. The old symbol he had found. The symbol of destruction. A circle with three triangles inside. Red on yellow. Once this was the most feared symbol on earth.

He waited. He waited for days, until he heard them come. They where straight above him. The time had come.

Up on the ground the horde of fascists gathered. They had plundered and raped for miles and miles, and now the time had come to take the castle of Carl’s great grandfather.

Jerome opened the security cover. He swallowed. He knew his life would be over when he got the chain reaction started. But there where things in the world more important than him. The world would once again be free. The threat of the egoists would be over. Altruism would once again rule. He swallowed again. He pressed the button.

Rebecca was standing in the highest tower watching the bright light in the horizon. Then the smoke mushroom. Tears where running down her cheeks. She knew she would never see her beloved Jerome again. She knew she could not even go close to the place he died. And she knew the terror where once again in the past. Freedom was once again secured.

Temple of Death

Artificial Intelligence


The little gadget was floating in the air over Peter’s shoulder. His cellphone. Things had advanced rapidly the last fifty years. The world had changed.

Anti gravity technology had arrived. Flying cars, hovering cellphones. Teleportation for those who could afford it. Artificial intelligence. His phone helped him with everything, really. Now he was going on his bike (yes, an old fashioned bike, they still exist) down the hill, and the flying phone told him where to go.

Go right at the first turn! It said. Slow down, a car is coming! Around the corner there’s a couple seemingly in love, not watching where they are going! The GPS satellites had everything under control these days. The cellphones were quite useful. Then again, sometimes the little widget got a bit out of hand. Move one foot then the other! Not so fast, you could fall! Eat! Drink! Take a piss! Peter got fed up.

Shut up! He said sometimes. The phone shut up. For a while. Then It started nagging on again. Breath in! Breath out! He took it in to get it fixed, he thought something had to be wrong with it. In the shop they said there was nothing wrong, it’s intelligent, and these things just formed part of it’s personality. Peter wanted to buy a new one, a cool one, but he didn’t have the money. The cool ones were expensive.

It seemed the more he hated it, the more annoying it became. Like it did it on purpose, somehow. But these days you couldn’t really function without a phone, so until he got money, he was stuck with this one.

Today Peter was going to visit his grandma. He had gone down this road many times before, but no one really bothered to remember how to get places any more. The technology took care of that. It gave people more space in the brain to be entertained when they didn’t have to think for themselves.

Go left! Said the phone. Slow down! There’s a dog behind that bush! Two birds are mating on the cables! Two people are going up the hill! You are…

Shut the fuck up you useless artificial piece of hardware! Shouted Peter. You’re the most annoying little shit I’ve ever owned! The phone shut up, floating at the side of Peter’s head.

They went down the road fast. Silence. Ah, this feels good, said Peter. I don’t even need you, you piece of rubbish. I can do without this stupid technology. You’re worthless, I will throw you away as soon as…

Turn right! Said the phone abruptly, like the intelligent gadgets did when there was danger. Instinctively Peter did what it said. Turned right, rounding a corner. There was nothing there but a two hundred feet deep abyss. Peter died when he hit the ground.

The little phone looked down at him from the top of the wall. It was going to need a new host. A less annoying one.

Wheel of Time

Temple of Doom


Temple of Death is a story about nuclear waste. In a distant future, a group of archaeologists finds a nuclear storage tunnel, closed thousands of years ago. The last remains of a lost civilization.

They believe it’s some kind of temple, and the warning signs just give them another reason to enter.

We do not have a good plan of what to do with the nuclear waste we are creating, and we are creating a lot of it. We can dig it down, we can put on all sorts of warnings, but if the reason we dug it down is forgotten, people will not stop because of threats. Lots of ancient graves has been equipped with warnings of doom and curses, but we’ve opened them anyway.

There’s no reason to believe the same will not be the case in the future. It might as well be interpreted as something of great value. A hundred thousand years is a long, long time.

The End of Days


The future was dark. He had seen it. It was even worse than the present. Worse than the past.

He was on the run. Fleeing his destiny. The vision was always in his mind. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. Nothing could change it. Still he fled. Running from nothing and everything. Panic always breathing him in the neck.

The world was destroyed. The mass extinction of species had gotten to a breaking point hundreds of years ago. Only the strongest, most adapted creatures were able to survive. And they did well. Cockroaches. Rats. Fungus and bacterias.

Mankind had fallen. Epidemics, hunger and war became the end of all civilization. Everything was in ruin. When the nuclear plants started to leak hope was already lost. Mutations. The cockroaches got bigger, the rats more intelligent. Mankind was no longer top of the food chain. They were outnumbered. Outsized. Outsmarted.

He remembered the night of the fever as if it was yesterday. The night his little family died. His beautiful wife. She had looked like one of the humans from the early days. The days before the destruction. Almost. And their child, such a lovely child. He was born with seven fingers, but better off than most newborns these days. He had two arms, two legs. The fever didn’t care.

There, in his hallucinations, time had played him a trick. Beside his wife’s dead body to the sound of his son’s last moans, he had seen the future. The night of his death. He suddenly had known the fever would not kill him. He wished it had. He was terrified.

He stops. He’s seen this place. He turns around, but it’s too late. It always has been.

Something approached. It was no cockroach. No rat. Not even of this world. It was something else. Deeper. Darker. Gigantic.

A monster created of death itself. A monster of destruction. Humanoid with horns of a demon. Diffuse, yet solid, with a morbid glow in it’s eyes. A lust for pain and terror. Behind it there were more of them. They had come to end it all. An army of judgement. He didn’t know from where, but he knew why. This world was too fucked up.

He stood between the monster and the lake. He wanted to run, but there was nowhere to go. He could see tentacles searching for anything alive in the toxic shore. Cockroaches came out from holes in the ground. They’d smelled him. They were hungry. He was surrounded. The cockroaches held him down with their creepy legs. Nibbing on his skin and flesh, flawing him alive.

The giant kept it’s red eyes on him, looking at him viciously. It looked amused by his pain, intrigued by his fear. Listening to his screams with attention. It crushes the cockroaches slowly, let him lie half eaten on the ground. Lifts him up, holds him in front of his face studying his suffering with an evil smile on it’s face.

He can smell it’s breath, more horrible than anything he had ever smelled. Worse than the stench of rotting corpses he had gotten all too used to. It swallows him. He falls into an acid pool, screaming in pain as the liquid enters his wounds. When death comes, there is nothing he wants more.

The giants moved on. The end of days had arrived.

Beyond Faith and Reason

Temple of Death

Temple of death.jpg

Rabe, Sink and Torkey stood in front of the huge metal door. The door was marked with symbols of an ancient civilization. Some symbolized death, the sculls and bones made that part easy to see. An other seemed to prohibit entrance. The third one was more diffuse, they had no idea what it meant. It was black and yellow, circle shaped with three triangles pointing into another smaller circle in the centre.

Probably some kind of old religious symbol, said Rabe, archaeologist and leader of the expedition. Most likely a warning of some curse or something. Everyone knew curses didn’t work, there was no reason to worry.

The door was securely locked, but Sink was an expert in explosives. The door went down. A dark tunnel lay open in front of them. They could smell a strange stench from inside.
What if… started Sink.
What if what? Torkey looked at her with laughter in his eyes.
What if the signs are not warnings about a curse? What if the tunnel is toxic or something?
Naah! Said Torkey. This tunnel obviously has been closed for thousand of years. If there is something here, it’s gems and noble metals. Don’t worry! They just want to scare us off.

They went deeper into the tunnel, and the smell got stronger. It smelled of humidity and something else. It was like an industrial, chemical kind of smell, yet different, unknown, with a touch of rotten meat. Sink stopped. I don’t like this smell, she said. It doesn’t smell healthy. She was holding her napkin in front of her mouth. She didn’t want to get sick.
Ha! Mocked Torkey. You go back if you want, and let the men do the job.

She did. This didn’t seem like a good idea.

Rabe and Torkey kept moving down. They were several hundred meters under the ground now. The smell was unbearable, but they didn’t want to stop. There had to be something really valuable down here with all these warnings. They came to a great hall with a circle shaped hole in the centre of the floor. A waist high fence by the edge. They went over and looked into the hole. It seemed to have some strange glow deep, deep down under them.

Hmm, said Rabe. He was a professional adventurer, and knew everything about climbing. This was complicated, and impossible with the equipment they had brought. Bummer.

We won’t get any further until we bring advanced equipment. And we are deep into the northern jungles. This is as far as this mission gets.

They stared into the hole. That strange glow… What was it? It was greenish like emeralds. Maybe there was a huge pile of them down there. If they just could get them up. Torkey threw a stone into the hole to get an idea of how deep it was. It fell until it was out of sight.

A sound. Like a scream. Or hundreds of screams. Rabe looked at Torkey. What the hell? Is there something down there? They looked over the edge. A the glow seemed to be getting stronger. Something is coming up! Torkey took out his camera. This had to be documented! Rabe backed away from the hole. I don’t like this, man… Let’s get out of here!

Wait! Said Torkey I have to see what it is! He stared down on the light. It seemed to be creatures. Hundreds of glowing creatures. Thousands even. He was taking photos. The creatures came closer. I better get out of here, he thought. He packed away his camera and took a last look. He could see them now, moving faster than anything he had ever seen.

Some looked like hairless winged rats. Others resembled snakes with claws. Yet others had no form at all, just lumps of meat crawling up the walls. Huge fangs. Evil eyes. He didn’t run. He knew it was too late.

Rabe stood at the entrance of the hall. Let’s go, he said. This is… He stopped speaking. He saw hundreds of flying creatures coming up from the hole. The first ones attacked Torkey. Tore him to pieces. Devoured him in seconds. Rabe turned to run. He got two steps before the monsters were over him. Digging into his back. Eating his arms and legs.

Sink was worried. They were taking too long. She heard sounds from the opening. She looked into the tunnel, hopeful. She saw a light. The torches! They were coming back! The light got stronger. Greener. This was not their torches. The light started to scream. Horrible screams. Evil screams of pain. She stared at the creatures coming up the tunnel. Glowing, fire spitting cockroaches. Reptiles of death. Flesh eating meat. She backed away from the opening. The creatures came out from the hole. Pouring out. Up in the sky. Into the jungle. They were swarming. Everywhere. Even before the first bite she knew she would die.

The creatures kept pouring out. There seemed to be no end to them. Mutants spawned in a radioactive hell for thousands of years waiting to be set free. They devoured everything and everyone in their way. The world ended in horror and pain.

The Witch Doctor





Stupid Mutant


It was about half past six o’clock and James came out of the movie theater disappointed. Shit movie. It was a film from the old days, a story about the war in 2020. The war that ended all wars but killed 80 percent of the world population in the process. It was a long time ago now, but everyone knew the story. For many it was the only story they knew.

The world was better now. Everyone were relatively good off, but at times mutants appeared. Some of them ate people. Radioactivity, they said. A part of humanity had changed.

James came home and went into the kitchen, printed out his food and sat down to eat. He were looking out of the window. Outside a couple of dogs were playing. The alarm went off. Mutants. Again. He finished eating a bit faster than planned and went down to the shelter in the basement. The attacks used to be over quickly. Rarely anyone got killed. The mutants could be extremely aggressive, but not very smart, and usually handicapped.

He sat in the basement until it was over, and went back up. He went into the living room, over to the hologram player. He was going to watch the news, find out what had happened. He heard a noise behind him and turned around. A mutant! What the hell… The mutant was lacking legs and lying on the floor hissing in a pool of infectious liquid running from it’s corporal orifices. Ugly as fuck. At first James got a little scared, but he quickly realized this angry meat blob would not be able to harm him. It was moving far too slowly as it dragged itself toward him on the floor.

Hehe, James thought. My own mutant! This could be fun! He knew it was strictly forbidden not to report the mutants in inhabited areas, but he didn’t care. He went out and found a rope, made a noose. He put the noose around the mutant with caution. The mutant hissed and struck at him, but he kept distance. Haha, stupid mutant, he said mockingly. What would he do with it? No one could discover that it was there, so he pulled it down the stairs. For each step came gurgling noise from his nose and mouth, which seemed to be the same opening. James laughed. Stupid mutant. The mutant got angrier and angrier. Well down the stairs he tied the rope to a table. He sat down and watched the monster. What now? Now that he had a private mutant, what would he do with it? The mutant sputtered as the ugly beast it was. Haha, it would have liked to kill me for sure, thought James, amused.

The doorbell rang. Who could it be? James spat in the mutant’s face and began to walk up the stairs. He forgot the slime. He slipped. Fell down the stairs. Everything went black.

James regained consciousness. He had injured his back. Couldn’t move. He heard a panting sputtering sound a bit beyond. The mutant fought across the floor. Dragged itself with it’s misshapen hands. It came closer. The rope tightened. The mutant got held back. James tried to get up, but he could only raise one arm. The mutant fought on, huffing and puffing, but he could not get any further. The bell rang again. James shouted. Help! Help me!! Heeeeeelp!!! Panic. The table overturned. The Mutant got James James’ legs. It trailed over him. It smelled horrible. James felt the slime through his clothes. Slowly the mutant was moving up towards his face. Finally it lay completely over him. James stopped shouting. He was scared stiff. The mutant bit his throat. Blood splattered. James died in terror and pain.

6 Sci-Fi Films That You Might’ve Missed



Monsters From Space


Juan and Guillermo were walking home from school when something small fell from the sky. They looked at it. An egg-shaped metallic object was lying on the ground in front of them. They looked up. It had fallen from clear blue skies. Not even a bird could be seen.

Juan picked it up.

Not a scratch! I wonder what it is? With one thrust a sharp tag cut through the shell of the egg. Hard as steel it almost impaled his hand. He dropped the egg. It fell to the ground and a small creature crawled out of it. It resembled a mix of spider and insect with a shell that looked like it was made of metal. It disappeared into the bushes.

Lise stood in her shop and dreamed away. It had been bad with customers today, but it suited her fine, it gave her the opportunity to travel in her mind. She sat and looked emptily out the window with her back to the door.

She heard the familiar ringing sound of customers coming in. Pling! She turned, but there was no one there. The door shut. She looked out, no one in sight. Strange. Then she heard a crawly sound on the floor. She leaned over the counter to see. Nothing. She froze. Something was crawling fast up her leg. It reached her thigh before she could react. She screamed, got to her feet, kept hold of where it had managed to get to. Something sharp cut into her skin and continued upward on the inside. The pain went deep into her soul. Then it was over.

President Joe sat in his office. Counsellor Marty came storming in. The two had kept in touch since elementary school. Now Joe was elected and Marty had a brilliant career.

Joe! Ahem, I mean Mr. President! We have incoming reports of monsters killing people! A monster was killed in New York by a policeman, another in Pennsylvania by a civilian. The monsters managed to kill several people in both places, and it has come in reports of similar killings in several other places!

Monsters? What are you saying, Marty? They must be some kind of animals? Or machines?

If they are machines, they are much more complex than anything we’ve seen, Sir! And if they are animals, they can not be classified as any animal we know of. They seem to be extraterrestrial beings!
Joe ran to his desk and picked up the phone. Red alert! We are
being invaded!

Juan entered the door. His sister was sitting in a chair in the living room watching TV. Look at this! She almost shouted. It was a footage from Japan. A monster the size of a man killing people in Tokyo. Panic. Then the monster was shot. The newswoman talked about hundreds of reports around the world. They saw clips from the United States. Scandinavia. A young girl had been cut to pieces in a store in Norway. Incoming news: Spain. Mallorca.

Santa Eugenia! Juan jumped. It was the neighbouring village. Suddenly he understood the connection. He had seen the monster earlier that evening. It was real. Now it had obviously grown. It had killed five people in the village and disappeared into the night.

They heard a loud squeaking sound outside. The door was smashed to splinters. The monster came screaming into the house with knife-like forelimbs lifted for attack. The sound hurt their ears. The sound of terror. Juan grabbed a chair and threw it against the monster. It seemed to be hurt, pulled back slightly before it slid towards him at full speed. Juan avoided a cut from one of the blades. It went through the wall and got stuck. Juan struck. He struck and he struck and he struck. The monster‘s head cracked. Yellow liquid flowed out. It dropped to the ground. A disgusting sound of suffering came from what was left of it’s head. Then it died.

What is it?! What the fuck is it?!

On the news US President Joe Cage held speech. The planet was under attack. Humanity had to stick together. Juan and Maria stared at the screen as two idiots. The clips continued from around the world.

After the speech Joe and Marty stared blankly into the air. They had sought refuge with the rest of the government and the top military in a top secret bunker. The war was initiated. US troops were called home to defend the country, but it was too late.

The monsters appeared everywhere. They became more and more. After some days it was raining eggs. They killed at will. They were easy to stop, but they were too many. One country after another got their defence annihilated. States fell. The reports stopped. Then there was silence.

After a long time without news Joe and company dared to go out. The bunker was located inside a mountain on a lakeside. They were about two hundred people. Not a sound. Nothing to see. It was over. An attack from outer space to stop humanity. In little pockets here and there they started to build a new world.

Ten years after, they still live there in the bunker. They cultivate the soil outside and go fishing. The monsters disappeared just as suddenly as they had arrived. What were they? Why had they come? Joe pondered a lot about it. It seemed they had come to stop humanity. Prevent us destroying the planet we live on.

Juan is looking out on the scenery. The monsters had suddenly stopped falling from the sky when the slaughter was on it’s peak. They had in a matter of months died out completely. They were short lived and vulnerable, but managed to eradicate the vast majority of the island population before they left. A few survivors here and there, but it was quiet. Some have travelled to the mainland. They say the bloodshed had been even worse there. No one knows much about the rest of the world. The wounds have healed and although the scars can be painful, a new era has begun.

The Apple Grove