Do You Want to Know the Future?

Do You Want to Know the Future?.jpg

Today was Saturday, so he had all the day to do whatever he wanted. A fair was in town, so he stopped by it. He went alone. His friends were rather boring and only wanted to stay home and play video games.

He’s walking around, looking. People throwing stuff at tin cans to win stuffed animals. Music from loudspeakers, music from carousels, all mixed in a symphony of noise. Children everywhere, parents trying to keep track of them. Colours. Lights.

An old gypsy-woman comes walking up to him.

Do you want to know the future? Her eyes are glaring. He doesn’t want to know the future, and he definitely does not believe she could tell him. Here! A gift! He doesn’t want the gift, either. Usually they want something in return in his experience. He backs away. She grabs his hand and puts something in it. Be careful!

She disappears into the crowd.

He stood there, looking for her. She was gone. In his hand he held a crystal ball. Round and beautiful, the size of a big marble. It had small facets, plain surfaces, all the same size and form. Inside he could see something move, like if it had life. He peered closer.

He sees himself. He’s running down a slope. He has the same clothes he’s wearing right now. He falls, stays on the ground holding his hands on his leg. It seems to be broken.

This was either some kind of joke, or he just saw the future. He didn’t want that future, but the crystal ball was awesome.

He left the carnival. It had been fun for a while, but now he was tired. He wanted to go home. He wanted to get back to where he was living.

He started walking down the slope towards town, when he realized it was the slope from the vision. The slope he’d seen himself run down, where he’d fall and break his leg.

Haha! I’ve outsmarted you this time, future! He takes another way, crossing the big national road. He’s halfway across when he hears a loud low-frequence motor humming accompanied with a deep beeping sound. He turns. He sees a trailer coming at him at high speed. It’s the last thing he ever sees.

The crystal ball flew out of his hand and landed unharmed in the grass on the other side.

The End of Days


  1. Isn’t it kind of similar to that one movie in which they say, “Those who look into their future have no future” …..or something like that…..

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        1. Let me know if you find it;) Would be interesting to know. Anyway, similar subjects have been played with before for sure, the question whether or not if we can change our destiny is probably one of the oldest questions of all:) I do remember a movie where cyclops had given their other eye to see the future, but the only thing they could see was their own death. If they tried to change it, they would suffer horrendously. It might have been of inspiration to this one, but I do not remember the name right now.

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        1. It was one of the earliest high quality series, maybe the next after Twin Peaks. It’s all happening around a carnival, with heaps of magic and fanatics and stuff. They only made two seasons.

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  2. By “averting” the broken leg… or by believing the crystal ball.

    Barnum(ish): Make America orb again. (See interview of a man who chose P.T. as fair inspiration for his life; see also very end of a recent Colbert show.)

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      1. I referred to Barnum because he’s mentioned in the Nostradamus (linked) article. Of course we could name any number of faith hoaxsters. It so happens that Trump, in an official interview, happily claimed P.T. Barnum as a model for his life. And, in the last few days, he joined a bunch of leaders of the House of Saud in putting hands on a glowing orb (or ball) [not to mention the arms deals]. So, one of our most famous comedians was telling jokes (in his opening monologue) about that bunch of people looking like comic book villains… and so on. Then, at the very end of the show (when the comedian walks to the back of the auditorium through the crowd and into sort of a lobby), there was a sign (reminiscent of MAGA campaign signs, playing on the wording of “Make America Great Again” [with Muslims, for one, as the supposed enemy or bogeyman to gain votes then] but putting “orb” in place of “great” — as we have to survive this traumatic presidency with humor) along with a spooky guy like you’d see wielding a crystal ball and so forth.

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  3. Great story!
    Movie stars pay fortune tellers a great sum of money to see their future.. palm readers, crystal balls, and the like.. I read the Bible to know my future, and it hasn’t been wrong yet.. 🙂

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  4. Wow Wow! When you see your future, you’re already altering it. Great story! Never gloat over winning against the odds; life has an odd sense of humor ;).


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