Monsters From Space

This is my 100th post, so here’s the first story I ever wrote for this blog. Most of you probably haven’t read it, I hope you enjoy it.


monsterblogeyesJuan and Guillermo were walking home from school when something small fell from the sky. They looked at it. An egg-shaped metallic object was lying on the ground in front of them. They looked up. It had fallen from clear blue skies. Not even a bird could be seen.

Juan picked it up.

Not a scratch! I wonder what it is? With one thrust a sharp tag cut through the shell of the egg. Hard as steel it almost impaled his hand. He dropped the egg. It fell to the ground and a small creature crawled out of it. It resembled a mix of spider and insect with a shell that looked like it was made of metal. It disappeared into the bushes.

Lise stood in her shop and dreamed away. It had been bad with customers today, but it suited her fine, it gave her…

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