As I mentioned yesterday, I hit my head the other day. This is what happened:

There was a party. People were laughing, drinking, generally having a great time. Most of us were pretty drunk, myself included.

I ran up the staircase, not looking very well where I was going. I hit my head on an edge going out over the corner of the staircase. The impact brutally sent me down the stairs. Everything went black.

When reality came back, everything was different, somehow. Strange creatures everywhere.

Are you OK? One of them asked, trying to touch me. I got terribly scared, of course, and punched it in the face.

Stay away from me, you disgusting things! I shouted, and ran upstairs. There there were more of them. Horrible monsters, wanting to kill me, eat me, or whatever monsters do. Rape me, maybe. I did see tentacles. I punched another one. Some of them were screaming horrible sounds. I grabbed a pair of scissors from a table.

Stay away, i screamed in total panic. Leave me alone! I was crying now. What had happened?

Hey man, calm down, a horrible being with it’s eyes sticking out of it’s head and horns in it’s forehead said and wanted to grab my arm with it’s hideous claws. I stabbed it.

He cut me! It screamed, repugnant foam coming out of it’s mouth..

Stay away from him, another said. He’s crazy!

They were playing with my mind, these grotesque demons. Two others were coming at me, slowly, breathing evil from their nostrils.

Calm down, Fict. You need to relax.

I turned and ran for the window. Threw myself through it, glass splintering everywhere. I fell three floors down to the pavement. My head broke open, and blood was pouring out on the ground. People were screaming from the window. People. Not monsters. I heard my girlfriend shouting something in despair. The voices of several friends of mine as well.

I think I might have wrecked the party, I thought before everything went black and I died.

OK, maybe not exactly what happened, a couple of things might have been exaggerated a bit. The rest though, are lies.





  1. I’ve been knocked unconscious a few times before and usually, the only thing I experienced is some strange changes in color right before the lights went out.

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    1. I wasn’t even knocked unconscious, really, but got very annoyed with everyone and went home soon after. The strange thing is I’ve taken so long in recovering. I went to the hospital for a check, nothing serious. I just have to wait for it to pass.


  2. Ah, I see what you did there! The links at the end of your stories really tie in with what’s happening in your fiction. Fantastic! Reality and fantasy tumbling together. I love that!! 😀


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