The weekend was coming to an end, it was already late Sunday afternoon. The speed was wearing off, the acid kept kicking in like never before. Colours moving around in chaotic harmony, beautiful and scary all at once. The floor was moving back and forth like on a boat, and the walls seemed to bulge outwards.

Steve was looking at the curtains in the window. The forms were moving in strange ways. Creatures moving around, doing unexplainable things. One of them kept staring at him. A horned one, like a demon, yet it was a plant as well. And some kind of shoe.

Hey, man… Said Steve. Do you think they can see us?

Er… Who? Said Jim, without taking his eyes off the ceiling. Something was going on up there, but Steve didn’t care. He was too occupied with the creatures in the curtain.

Them, man, he said pointing. The… Colours. The… monsters, man. Do you think… Do you… Maybe they can like, see us, man! That’s all I say.

Sure they can, said Jim, still staring at the ceiling. He moved his look to Steve’s curtain. Maybe they’re the ones that are looking at us, man. Maybe they are the ones tripping.

That’s deep, man, said Steve. That’s… fucking…

They sat in silence. Steve was trying to figure out the consequences of what Jim just said. He was doubting his very own existence. The horned flower shoe was laughing at him in an uncomfortable way.

He was hoping the acid would wear off soon.



Beyond Faith and Reason