Beyond Faith and Reason


Roger came into the laboratory. He had had quite a hard time getting out of bed today, they had been working long days for weeks.

He was quantum physicist. He studied the smallest parts of the universe. Particles. Quarks and all that stuff. Complicated shit. He had been interested in physics all his life and quantum mechanics intrigued him like nothing else.

Sometimes his scientific knowledge fell into conflict with his religious views. He then went to church. Meditated. Prayed. And he got back on the right track again. One day, he said to himself. One day the pieces will fit.

He was working in one of the biggest laboratories in Science Are Us Corporation. He was in charge of a smaller section, and his crew, three of the finest scientists in the world, were doing their jobs perfectly. They were secretly working on a project on the possibility of multiple universes. That was were the key was. The key to the great answers.

They seemed to be onto something big. If their calculations were right it could be one of the greatest breakthroughs in history of science. A peak hole through dimensions never before seen by man. Finally the sceptics would have to agree. Then they could start on the real subjects. Metaphysics. Eternal life. God. There would sooner or later be proof of the existence of God, he was sure of it.

His assistant was already there, adjusting the particle receptor.

Good morning! said Roger.

Good morning, said Jonathan. He had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.

Let’s get started! The rest of the crew was expected a bit later, but there was no reason to loose time. They got all the systems running and got to work.

Roger! said Jonathan after a while. Roger, something strange is happening here!

Roger ran over. They both stared at the computer. Signals. Photons they didn’t send. Particles arriving from nowhere. What does this mean?

R-roger..? stuttered Jonathan.

Roger looked up from the screen.

A creature appeared out of nothing. Or many creatures, he wasn’t sure. It seemed to keep changing form and colour. It was nowhere and everywhere. Present and non existent. Floating in the air and sticking to the walls like a nightmare of contradiction.

Oh my God… said Roger, but he knew his God had nothing to do with this. This went deeper than anything he had ever dreamed of. This didn’t even make sense.

A hand reached out towards him. A finger touched his shoulder. He felt a tingling sensation. His shoulder started dissolving into a bright light, as if his very matter turned into energy. The tingling feeling became electric. Plain old unbearable pain. As the light reached his chest he lost consciousness and died. The light kept spreading until his body disappeared into nothing. Everything he was died with him.All that remained was the reality he used to be a part of.

Return from Proxima B





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