Blame the Rebels


A monster destroying a city Aak fictionspawn

Lía and Marco were lying in their tent. They had a tent for themselves now, after Marco had been promoted. They made love as if it was the last night in their lives, and it very well could be. Tomorrow they would go to find a government military camp on the other side of the hill. Recognition, was the mission. Maybe sabotage if possible, but that would probably come later. It was a dangerous project.

They held each other tight as they fell asleep. The next day they woke up, put on clothes and got out of the camp. No time for breakfast, they had to get over the hill before day break. They were in enemy territory. They had to find the army’s base of biological research, rumours said they were working on secret weapon.

They started walking. Six in number, they moved slowly like animals. They had done this all their life, all the soldiers had been in the resistance for a long time. They knew if the enemy discovered them they would be dead.

On the top of the hill they looked out on the jungle on the other side. They saw nothing but vegetation, but they knew very well the enemy was there.

They went down the hillside. The hill was steep, the vegetation dense. They had to cut their way through. On the foot of the hill the ground was less overgrown, they could move more easily.

The camp was no longer there. Tents were ripped to pieces and burned. Blood. Lots of blood, but no bodies. What had happened? They dared to walk into the open area. There was no one there. Everything was left behind. Weapons. Gadgets. Everything but people.

In the city Alejandro and Gabriela came out of the bar. Alejandro rocked and he knew it. Gabriela was the hottest girl in town.

Let’s go down to the chiringuito, said Alejandro. He was hungry.

Gabriela was about to answer when a shadow came over them.

They looked up. Something came swooping down, breaking down the walls, buildings falling into the streets. It picked up a man. Threw him into the wall of a big building. Then it started spitting fire.

It was huge as a building. Four arms. Reptile tail. Demon wings carried it. Black evil eyes.

Corre!!! Run. Alejandro grabbed Gabriela’s arm. They ran down towards the cathedral, the thick walls would give them shelter. The monster got there before them, It crashed into the building. The wall fell. The tower fell. A line of fire burned everything that could be burned. Then it flew down towards them through the street. As fire floated, they got into a backstreet. The heat burned their skin, but they were still alive. A woman were calling on them from an open door. Venid! Venid aquí!

Inside the flat the TV was on. The woman in the news said the monster was a weapon created to destroy the city. They were blaming the guerilla. Terrorist attack, they said. But how could a small group of soldiers in the jungle create something like this? Pablo was confused, it didn’t make any sense.

People were burned to death as the streets and the buildings were set on fire. Others were running around in terror. The army was set in, but neither bullets nor missiles seemed to have effect. The fire melted tanks, it’s arms tore buildings down. Soldiers were dying in hundreds.

Suddenly it flew off into the jungle where it came from.

Marco was leading his soldiers on. They needed to know what had happened.

They moved over to the other side of the camp. There was a hole in the ground. They looked down. Dead bodies were hanging on spikes on the wall. Harvested.

Skriiii!!! A scream. A horrible scream was heard behind them. A creature was flying above them. A monster. Some kind of mix of dragon and demon, a spawn of hell.

The beast opened it’s mouth, a hole in it’s face. Flames came out. Juan, Federico and Mica was burning. The screams stopped fast. Three carbonized bodies were lying on the ground.

Marco and Juan had survived. They were shooting at the monster as the monster were putting more bodies on spikes. It didn’t seem to care.

Lía crawled behind an missile launcher. Her leg was burned. An intense and strange cold pain. The monster turned it’s head towards the bushes where Marco and Juan were hiding. Spitting flames burned the bushes. Juan came out burnig. He ran some steps and fell dying. Marco had escaped the flames. He ran towards some big rocks. One of the monster’s hands crushed him in a pool of blood and gore.

Nooooo!!! Lía screamed. The monster turned towards her. Took a deep breath. She got up on the missile launcher. As the monster opened it’s mouth wide open she could see fire being born somewhere within. She pulled the trigger. The missile went straight into the flaming hell coming out of the monster’s mouth. It’s head exploded. A hell of fire, blood and brains unleashed over the ground and bushes. The monster fell to the ground.

Lía was lying between flames, burned trees and gore. She was hurt, but got up on her feet. Looked to the pile of meat who once was the love of her life. She swallowed. Denied herself to cry for now and limped off into the jungle. She needed to get back to the camp.

The Witch Doctor




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