Alien eyes looking at two humans. Aak fictionspawn

The light was so strong Marty couldn’t see a thing. He held a hand up, covering his eyes. There was something there. Something big was hovering in the air just in front of them. It had appeared out of nothing.

The lights dimmed. A door opened in the darkness. They could see a figure in the light inside.

-What is that?

Rebecca said nothing. She knew Marty knew. He had been waiting for this moment all his life.

Three creatures came walking as stairs in a staircase appeared under their feet each step.

-Should we run? She said after a while.

-No. This is worth dying for.

The creatures came towards them. They floated in the air, hovering just a little bit over the ground. Their suits covered their bodies, their faces, but they seemed to have two arms and two legs.

They surrounded the two teenagers.

-Er… Hello! Marty held a hand up in a greeting.

-Hey! Let go! Rebecca said, but truth was, no one had touched her. She was floating in the air, just like them. They both were. They moved into the space craft.

Inside there was a hall. Nothing. The walls were smooth and clean, there were nothing on them. The aliens, about ten of them were walking around seemingly moving invisible objects in the air. The door closed, and disappeared.

Rebecca held out a hand. Touched something. Some kind of energy field kept them trapped, isolated from the creatures.

-We should have run. Rebecca followed the field around them, toucing it.

-What do you think they want? Marty was staring at the creatures moving around the room. They seemed more interested in their invisible things than the two humans.

-I don’t know. I’m scared.

Marty held her. He was scared as well. One of the aliens looked straight at them. Moved closer. It stood there for a while, watching them. They held each other tight. They both could feel other shaking.

-I feel strange, Marty said.

-Me too.

Rebecca could feel Marty’s grip loosen. Her body felt weaker. The alien in front of them was fading, becoming transparent. Everything was. They could see the stars. The forest through the walls. At least this was how they remembered it when they suddenly was standing in the grass, right were they had been when the craft appeared.

They saw a flash in the sky, lie a falling star, but it was going upwards, disappearing into the night sky.

-Do you think anyone will believe us? Marty kept staring at the point where the light had disappeared.

-Probably not. Rebecca looked into the forest, down the path they were going. -I’d say we shut up about it.

-I think that’ s a good idea.

They walked home in silence. It had been quite a night.





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