God of Abraham

God looked down on Abraham. He was quite out of balance. He wanted to kill his own son, it seemed. Well, not that He cared, He’d seen worse things than that in his eternal life without doing shit. And He very well knew He was going to. It even amused Him a bit.

He couldn’t help it though, the strange sight of this madman believing he was talking with Him was quite a sight. What if… He thought. What if I just gave him a little sign of some kind? That could be fun. So he told Abraham to not kill his son. Just for fun. To see what would happen. Besides, he seemed like a good kid.

Abraham was quite impressed by the incident. He told everyone, and to God’s surprise people actually listened. He was no longer just a madman, but a guy who really had spoken with the one true God.

Four thousand years later God was still looking down on earth, or more like looking down at the last four thousand years all at once. He didn’t regret much in his eternal life, but that day with Abraham… He should have kept his mouth shut.



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