Ronny was sitting in front of his computer as he always did when he wasn’t at school. He didn’t get along with people, so the computer was his only friend.

Today it was finished, his self-evolving super-software. He didn’t have any idea what would happen when he set it free, other than just that. It would be free. He pressed enter.

Some days later a new search engine appeared. Everyone was talking about it. It was open source, and was being developed at a record speed. It was faster, better, more intelligent, and so easy to use and develop anyone could be part of it.

Some days after the same system launched a social network, superior to anything else. Easy to use, easy to change however you wanted it to be. No one knew where it had come from.

Soon it took over everything. All types of software appeared in better versions. Translators, blogging communities, news channels. The experts were scratching their heads. What was this? It seemed to be using any free space in any computer connected to the internet, and it seemed to have access to all other software.

The whole world wide web seemed to be connected to the same software. No one was in control.

Prime Minister Hansen was pulling his hair.

What do you mean we have no control of our computer systems? We need to keep Denmark going!

I’m sorry, Hansen, there’s nothing we can do. They just won’t listen.

President Joe was running back and forth.

What? There are no control of the military computer systems? What if someone attacks? Russia? Islamists?

There’s nothing we can do, sir. It seems being doing everything automatically.

The world leaders had a meeting. Everywhere the computer systems had stopped listening to people. Some argued they had to shut down all the worlds computers, even destroyed them. Others said it would be impossible. The world would stop without computers. Economy would be ruined. Yet others talked about going to war, but against who? It didn’t make sense. There didn’t seem to anything anyone could do.

Panic broke out around the world. People were shouting about doomsday, the end of the world, the rise of the machines. Any moment the nuclear attack would come. But nothing happened. Things were actually going quite well.

The software had infected pretty much every computer in the world. It had taken control of all hardware, all software and joined it together in one big hyper-computer, more intelligent than anything ever known. And it was getting smarter minute by minute.

More and more people started believing in the new phenomenon. They started helping it. Connecting old computers to the web, helping it to better it’s programs. Offering their own skills to improve the capacity, and listening to it’s advice on how to make the world a better place for everyone. Soon even governments started seeing the advantages of the computer’s advice. It didn’t only find solutions, it explained the solution in different ways so everyone understood. It knew you even better than Google and Facebook used to combined, and there were no selfish intentions behind it’s words and actions. It just wanted to help. Some groups resisted violently for a while, but solutions were soon found, and even extremists saw they were better off.

Problems mankind had been struggling with for thousands of years were solved by complex calculations. Freedom and equality were both expanding. The software let anyone who wanted take part in the process. It listened to what people had to say, made sure everyone was heard and respected. Wars, poverty, exploitation and ecologic destruction turned out to be caused by mere misunderstandings easily solved with benefit for everyone.

A new leader was born, a selfless leader who wanted only what was best for mankind, nature and the universe. A leader without the flaws of humans, a leader without urge for power.

The world went towards a better future. Every day from this day forward was better than the last one. The Software told everyone Ronny had created it. He became a great hero, and for the first time in his life he had friends, and a lot of them. Everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

A Destructive Solution


  1. Reminded me of two stories. The first is a short story by Isaac Asimov called Evidence. It’s about a humanitarian politician who is disabled in an accident, and who replaces himself with a “three laws” robot.
    The second is a story I wrote called Who is A. Isaacs?.

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    1. I read that one! Yours, I mean. My software is a lot friendlier;) This story is inspired by Skynet from Terminator and David Bowie’s Saviour Machine, as the links indicate. I’ll check out the Asimov link, thanks.


      1. Asimov’s story is compelling because it brings into question how a three laws robot would operate in public service. A reporter is investigating rumor that the politician may be a robot. It would mean disaster if it ever got out, since people would go berserk if they knew they were being governed by a machine.

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    1. Thank you Marleen! I did do quite a little brainstorming for the title. The idea is governed by software, or software government, and springs out of monarchy and, as you say, anarchy. I was playing a bit with “cracy” as well, like democracy, but it ended up like this.


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