A Destructive Solution

A Destructive Solution

The world lived in peace now. Freedom was the new way. Freedom and equality. Finally.

Jerome was happy. He lived with his friends and family in an old castle. There were other families too. Other groups in other parts. Once the castle belonged to a duke. The awakening had changed the world. When the world had been at the border of total destruction from war and ecological collapse mankind had understood how to live together. How to share the world.

But far away a threat had awoken. A threat to the new way, a dark force were claiming the right to suppress others, to deprive others their land and their resources. A movement from the old days. Once it had been called fascism.

Carl was his name. He was from the north. He had revoked the old ways of egoism. And now he was on his way to the castle Jerome called his home.

The castle was next on the list. It seemed to be important to Carl, his family used to own it, they used to own all the land. They used to be rich, while the people living on this land were starving. Now he wanted it back.

What do we do? Rebecca said. They have an army!
Jerome did not know what to answer. He went down to the library in the basement.

He looked in old books. He looked in old files in the computer systems, computers older than his grandfather. Files downloaded from the long gone internet. He found it. A solution.

He knew where the army was coming from. They slaughtered anyone who opposed to their laws, to their system. He went in his old vehicle. After a while he saw the smoke from the fires. He knew there was death. Violence. For the first time in this century. They still had not arrived at his destination. There was still time.

He got there before them. The old military installation. He went in. Once the most protected place in the land. Now the land was no longer suppressed. No one was in charge. He went into the hanger. He had the old map drawn down from the screen. He found it. The old symbol he had found. The symbol of destruction. A circle with three triangles inside. Red on yellow. Once this was the most feared symbol on earth.

He waited. He waited for days, until he heard them come. They where straight above him. The time had come.

Up on the ground the horde of fascists gathered. They had plundered and raped for miles and miles, and now the time had come to take the castle of Carl’s great grandfather.

Jerome opened the security cover. He swallowed. He knew his life would be over when he got the chain reaction started. But there where things in the world more important than him. The world would once again be free. The threat of the egoists would be over. Altruism would once again rule. He swallowed again. He pressed the button.

Rebecca was standing in the highest tower watching the bright light in the horizon. Then the smoke mushroom. Tears where running down her cheeks. She knew she would never see her beloved Jerome again. She knew she could not even go close to the place he died. And she knew the terror where once again in the past. Freedom was once again secured.



Temple of Death

7 thoughts on “A Destructive Solution

  1. I think there’s something of an illusion that humanity is gradually moving toward universal peace. And yet if you look at human history, we have a tendency to take certain things such as land as our own and defend them from real or perceived threats.

    While you might have specific groups who live in peace, there will always be others who will what to take what they have. In that sense, relative to nations, we will always have the need for a defense. Once that’s established, then everybody can sit down at the same table and talk.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, James, but I hope and believe you are wrong.

      Until less than two hundred years ago, since the beginning of civilization and probably longer, owning other human beings was also considered totally acceptable. Even great thinkers like Aristoteles thought slavery was necessary for society to function, and that some people simply needed a master. In most of mankind’s history owning slaves has been a symbol of status.

      Women has been considered incapable of freedom as well, and children used to be property of their parents for them to treat as they pleased. In the middle ages only novelty had the right to own land, and the people living on their land were considered property as well. People thought the system was imposed by God, and therefore would never change. There is no reason to believe that the things you are mentioning here will not lose their acceptance and perish as well, but it might take a lot of time.

      Some violence might always exist, but it can be held at a minimum. The problem the way I see it is the people who want to suppress others, not the enemies they want us to fear.


      • Violence will always exist in some form, I agree. Today, there are some countries where slavery is at least tacitly accepted and condoned. There are countries were women are considered the property of either their Father or their Husband. Conditions promoted by what we consider “first world” nations, are not the standard for the world. I heard a statistic that said more women fly F-16s in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia. I know we all want utopia, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


      • We win nothing by resigning. The example of Saudi Arabia is one of the worst in the world. Not too many decades ago it was more or less like that everywhere. There’s still a lot to be done, but we’ve come a long way.


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