Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Johnny woke up feeling light today. He went out, and everyone seemed to jump down the street, several meter in each jump. He was jumping, too.

Down town the sea level had entered the streets. Some people was going around in the streets with their canoe. He saw colleague Ronald.

Hey, Ronald! He shouted. Ronald saw him, came closer. What’s happening?

The office is under water. There’s no way we’re going to work today.

Why? what’s happened?

No one seem to know, said Ronald. The sea level is just… higher.

Dark matter… I can’t believe it! George was looking at the calculations on the screen.

You better! Said Martin. The calculations was clear, there was no doubt. Gravity is lowered by 50 percent, tides are rising. There’s an invisible field of gravity just outside of earth’s atmosphere… It’s getting closer.

Astonishing! George was thrilled.

When the stain comes close enough it will crash into earth, said Martin with a worried look. It’s the end of the world.

George was jumping up and down in excitement. And we’re here to see it!

Johnny was looking out of the window. Things were leaving ground. Small things at first. Leaves, newspaper, rubbish. Then sticks. Trash cans.

Just when he saw his neighbour coming home in his car, he felt his feet leaving the floor. Mr. Jacobson tried to get out, but he started floating in the air. He held on to his car, screaming for help. No one could help him. In the sky less fortunate people could be seen falling away from earth. The car started floating in the air, falling upwards.

Johnny was standing in the ceiling of his house. It was making strange sounds. It was giving in.

This is it, he thought. Now I’m going to die. The end of the world had come.

Look! Said George. It seems to swallow everything that gets in it’s way. Where do you think it’s going?

Wow, I have no idea, said Marty. He’d already forgotten to worry about the end of the world thing. This was exiting.

The moon, he said with a voice of morbid intrigue. It’s going straight into it.

The two scientists were watching their screens in silence as the moon came crashing into the stain. A spectacular explosion of another world was seen over earth.

Johnny fell down from the roof. His neighbour to the ground. Other people were falling from high altitudes, yet others got cars and trucks falling in their heads. There was millions of casualties around the globe.

The impact had neutralized the dark matter stain, but the moon was gone forever.



A Destructive Solution


  1. “Dark Matter” often leaves a residual trail of “Doesn’t Matter”, which people inhale, and realize they have no impact on the Universe and stop caring. Surprisingly, they live a care-free happier life because they finally realize that everything “Doesn’t matter…”

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I think you are in one way right, and in another I think when you don’t care
      about *anything* you might not be happy, either, you just stop suffering. Which in many contexts probably can be better, but then again maybe a bit boring. To me it’s more a cuestion of *what* to care *about*, though. Most people worry a lot a lot about things that doesn’t really matter. Ethics is one thing I find important, for example. What other people might think usually is not.

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      1. Good Reply. Thanks for letting me get to know you a bit more…but my response was fictional. Anti-Matter. Dark Matter. Doesn’t Matter. Ba da bump! But I appreciate the serious thought that went into your response. Did you know that Nirvana is actually defined as “nothingness?” Some religions believe that when you “stop suffering” as you mentioned above, is heaven! Boring? Perhaps a bit!

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  2. Is it sad to say I wanted more? This was such a good read. I’m a sucker for science. Seems like the moon saved us. I wonder what the earth would be like with no moon. What would the werewolves do? Lol

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        1. Hmmm… A lot of bipolar people say they wouldn’t choose to not have a manic experience, it’s even worth the depressions. I guess a werewolf experience would be awesome. People die, though.

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  3. It’s times like this I wish I were a physicist. I’m pretty sure taking gravity down by about 50% would cause at least some of our atmosphere to escape into space, maybe enough to kill us all. Not sure what the Moon’s absence would do but probably nothing good.

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    1. I heard somewhere life on earth was dependent of the moon, but I don’t know. I put on a link about the consequences, which I neither know how reliable is. I did think about it writing, and it would probably be a lot worse than this. Or not, but in my universe of crazy stories, it happened like this;) The atmosphere wasn’t really on my mind, but a whole lot of air would without doubt disappear into the stain. I thought about the water, though, it would probably go before the car, but I thought I’d just leave it, it would get too complicated for my deadline.


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