Bed Time Story


There’s something under my bed. I know it. I can feel it. It’s waiting for me. Waiting for me to put my feet down. Waiting to hurt me. Kill me. Eat me.

I want to look but i don’t dear to. It’s there, I know it. And I’m home all alone.

I need to go to the bathroom. If I can just get out of here, maybe I could sleep on the coach or something. There are no monsters, I tell my self.

I look underneath the bed. Nothing. I step down. It grabs my ankle. Holds me fast. I scream. Try to pull my foot back up, but it’s too strong. I try to run for the door, but the grip makes me fall. Another hand catches me. Pulls me in under the bed. It laughs at me. Mockingly. It pulls me a bit further.

Let go of the bed, it says. Don’t be afraid. It’s fun down here.. hhhihihihihehehehehehihihihi.

I’ve known all my life they were there. I’ve felt them in my fear. Now, finally they got me. They’ve been waiting for the right moment. The moment I’m all alone, the moment no one will ever hear my screams. The moment my dark anxiety has reach it’s highest level, when society has already broken me down. This moment.

I scream and scream. I know no one will hear me. I kick with the other foot. A third hand catches it. Now I panic. I can see two beady eyes shining of evil and lust for inflicting pain under the bed. A line of sharp fangs as a mouth opens. There are no monsters, I tell my self over and over as teeth sinks into my flesh, claws rips my belly open. Intense pain. It’s not a dream, it’s the end.

I fall into a humid dark pit. A dimension of terror. I can feel their eyes looking at me. I can hear their hidden laughter. They want to hurt me. They always wanted to hurt me. They’ve been waiting for me in this hole of terror since the beginning of time. Sharp claws dig into me and slowly rip me to pieces.

Domestic Violence


  1. First thing I thought of was a children’s song called “There’s a Monster in My House” we sometimes play for my grandson. Basically, a kid hears horrible snarling coming from his parents’ bedroom. Realizing he has to defend his folks from the monster, he fills up his super soaker water gun, sneaks into the bedroom, and lets the monster have it.

    Of course, the monster is just his Dad snoring and Dad doesn’t appreciate the rude awakening.

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  2. What a gripping piece! I kept waiting for a parent to come to the rescue or for the child to wake up , but the fact that doesn’t happen makes this an even better, and far creepier story. Awesome piece of flash, keep writing! 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness….Thankfully, I grew up and anyway, I have 3 cats who eat everything that moves around the house. But you’re chillingly good! I’m not sure if you have read anything from American author Ambrose Bierce but he has a some stories about the faceless fear ( he wrote during the Civil War). I think you would love his humor.
    I love these gems of wit and humor. You could publish also on, another nice blog site. It’s a …homely place, I also publish there too. I’ll be back to read more :).

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